Aspercreme Reviews (Over-The-Counter Lidocaine Spray)

You may have heard about Aspercreme topical anesthetic spray for tattoos. Aspercreme numbing spray is used in medical and beauty procedures. Also, you can keep this topical lidocaine spray as your backup aid in sports and traveling. We have shared Aspercreme reviews by professional artists. So, you can know its properties and use them in your multi-tasks.

In order to give you our Aspercreme with lidocaine reviews, we tested this pain-numbing spray in multiple procedures. Surprisingly, Aspercreme tattoo numbing spray really worked and proved its worth. In fact, anybody can use this over-the-counter numbing spray Regularly for pain relief. Therefore, we shared our Aspercreme reviews with you. So, you can understand all characteristics of Aspercreme spray in a better way.

Aspercreme With Lidocaine Reviews – Pain Numbing Spray For Tattoos (2022)

Aspercreme Odor Free Max Strength Lidocaine Pain Relief Dry Spray


We found Aspercreme tattoo numbing spray is completely safe. It is used in many procedures including piercing and tattooing. Also, it removes body muscle pain as we can see in Aspercreme with lidocaine reviews.

On the other hand, we recommend not to use this topical lidocaine spray on the face or around the eyes. Moreover, this numbing spray is for external use only. In short, Aspercreme spray is one of the best numbing sprays for tattoos.

 Skin Types 

This tattoo numbing spray works on all types of skin as we experienced. It means Aspercreme spray numbs oily, sensitive, dry, rough, and hard skin without side effects. However, the time to numb the skin can vary a little bit among all skin types as we experienced.

 Reviews On Amazon 

Thousands of people are using Aspercreme numbing spray with satisfaction. Also, many people keep an extra spray bottle of it in their bags for an emergency. You can see Aspercreme reviews to see the positive feedback from buyers. Moreover, you don’t need any direction to order this pain-numbing spray. Just make an order for your best pain-relieving experience.

 Instructed Time Of Use 

You can use Aspercreme tattoo numbing spray directly on the skin at any angle as we did. Aspercreme works quickly and gives pain relief in many procedures. Remember, it is recommended to not use a bandage or any other material to cover up the skin.

In short, only spray is enough for a painless tattoo session as you can notice in Aspercreme with lidocaine reviews. Also, this over-the-counter lidocaine spray has no fragrance. Most importantly, you can only use this topical anesthetic spray maximum of 3-5 times a day.

 Non-Sticky Texture 

Aspercreme tattoo numbing spray has a water-based formula. In simple words, there is no need to massage after using this over-the-counter lidocaine spray because it dries on its own in no time. Also, your skin does not become slippery which is a good thing for your tattoo session. Therefore, your tattoo artist makes an exact tattoo on your body without any problem.Aspercreme with lidocaine reviews

 Aspercreme Spray Active Ingredients 

  • Lidocaine
    Aspercreme has 4% lidocaine to numb the skin for a long time. Lidocaine stops the pain signal movement in that skin area where you used this pain-numbing spray. Therefore, your mind does not receive pain signals from that skin area and makes you feel painless.
  • Propylene Glycol
    Propylene glycol pierces the skin at the micro-level. So, the penetration level of the skin rises. That is how the numbing spray absorbs in the epidermis layer in no time.


4 Ounces



  • Aspercreme numbing spray has 4% lidocaine to numb the skin and pain removal.
  • This tattoo numbing spray is used for painless piercings and tattoo sessions.
  • Also, you can use it for muscle pain removal.
  • Moreover, we found Aspercreme pain-numbing spray suitable for all skin types after using it.
  • Further, it is non-sticky.
  • You may feel minor irritation because of the alcohol in this over-the-counter lidocaine spray.


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  1. I want to use aspercreme with 4percent lidocaine on my face to numb it related to tingling, prickly, itchy skin.l do not see it advertised. In addition, l do not see the cream, just the spray. Is the spray more effective ?

    • Thank you for asking!
      Both cream and spray variants of Aspercreme are effective. It is up to your choice. You can use any of them to numb your face skin without a prescription.


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