Ink Eeze Reviews (Premium Numbing Gel For Tattoos)[2022]

Inkeeze is a brand and has a great reputation. Their expert manufacturer team has made multiple premium products. Also, the demand for their numbing gel is getting higher and higher in recent times. Therefore, you are looking for Ink Eeze reviews by the tattoo artist.

Inkeeze B Numb gel is manufactured in America. First, it was only made for pain-free tattooing procedures. Now, you can also use Inkeeze numbing gel for tattoos in many skin procedures as we did. Moreover, its formula is designed for the maximum numbing effect without causing side effects. Further, Inkeeze lidocaine gel numbs all types of skin for a longer time. Similarly, we have shared complete Ink Eeze reviews after using Ink Eeze gel in our pain-free tattoo session.

Ink Eeze Reviews – Inkeeze B Numb Gel For Tattoos (2022)

Ink Eeze Reviews


Despite having a strong numbing effect, Inkeeze B Numb gel is 100% safe to use. Also, there are no harsh chemicals in this numbing gel for tattoos. Most importantly, we found this topical anesthetic tattoo gel can only be used before getting a tattoo, not after or during tattooing.

 Inkeeze Active Ingredients 

  • Lidocaine
    Ink-Eeze gel has 5% lidocaine which the FDA allowed. It numbs the skin for your pain-free tattoo sessions. Because of its maximum dose, you do not feel pain at all while getting the tattoo. Therefore, you can use this best tattoo numbing gel in your next tattoo session.
  • Propylene Glycol
    The presence of propylene glycol in any product guarantees rapid absorbance. In other words, propylene glycol raises the penetration of the skin. It punctures the skin at the micro-level. Therefore, the gel enters the epidermis layer within a few seconds to block pain signals, and you feel painless.

 Skin Types 

Ink-Eeze numbing gel for tattoos is perfect for all types of skin. However, the numbing effect can vary from one skin type to another skin type as you can see in Ink Eeze reviews. The reason is that Ink Eeze gel reaches the last skin layer instantly in sensitive skin cases as we experienced. Besides, the Inkeeze numbing gel for tattoos takes sufficient time to numb the skin in tough skin cases.

 Instructed Time Of Use 

The procedure is the same as other tattoo numbing gels have. Make sure your skin area is washed with warm water and mild soap. First, apply Inkeeze B Numb gel as a thick layer without massaging. Then, wrap the skin area for 1-2 hours as we did. Lastly, remove the wrapper and gel for getting a tattoo. Your skin will remain numb for up to 2 hours.

 Reviews On Amazon 

Professional tattoo artists completely trust Inkeeze B Numb gel. Also, this numbing gel for tattoos is vegan, and customers are giving positive feedback in Ink Eeze reviews. We guarantee that you will be satisfied like us after using Ink Eeze topical anesthetic gel.


1 oz



  • Inkeeze B Numb gel has 5% lidocaine for a long numbing effect.
  • This tattoo gel is free of parabens and harmful chemicals.
  • Also, it is suitable for all skin types.
  • Ink Eeze gel absorbs instantly and gives you a strong numbing effect for a long time.
  • The manufacturer company recommends using Ink-Eeze gel only before getting a tattoo to numb the skin, not after the tattoo session.


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