Derma Numb Gel Reviews (Best Pain Relieving Gel) [2024]

Don’t get confused between Derma Numb gel and Derma Numb spray. Derma Numb gel is another form of Derma Numb spray by the company. Also, both work great and remove pain in no time. Derma Numb tattoo numbing gel is an American-made product that the FDA approved. Also, it has no side effects because of its natural ingredients. To know the characteristics of this lidocaine gel, we are giving you honest Derma Numb gel reviews.

While testing Derma Numb numbing gel for tattoos, we found many interesting facts about it. The most important thing about Derma Numb gel is that this topical anesthetic gel removes pain completely but does not numb the skin. Many people consider it tattoo numbing gel in Derma Numb reviews, but we disagree with this statement. However, we used it in many procedures for pain removal and found it very useful. So, here are our Derma Numb gel reviews.

Derma Numb Reviews – Lidocaine Gel For Tattoos

Derma Numb Reviews - Lidocaine Gel For Tattoos


We found Derma Numb gel is safe for use. This topical anesthetic gel is used to reduce pain in many procedures and skin conditions. Also, it stops inflammation and does not change the tattoo ink color.

However, Derma Numb tattoo gel removes the pain but does not completely numb the skin. Moreover, it is only for external use. Further, do not use this lidocaine gel on the face. On the other hand, you can check out the best tattoo numbing gels.

Reviews On Amazon

Most people mistook this pain-relieving gel as a numbing gel. So, they complained about it in Derma Numb gel reviews. There is no doubt about its capability. But you need to know that this topical anesthetic gel is not numbing. In short, it removes the pain, not numb the skin as we experienced.

If you are looking for pain-relieving gel for use in any procedure or skin condition, Derma Numb anesthetic gel is the perfect choice for you.

Skin Types

Whether you have oily skin or dry skin, it does not matter. The reason is Derma Numb tattoo gel works great on all skin types as you can see in Derma Numb reviews.

Derma Numb reviews

Derma Numb Active Ingredients


Derma Numb gel has 4% lidocaine. It helps to numb the skin properly. In other words, lidocaine stops the transfer of pain signals to the mind. Therefore, you feel painless.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract

It repairs damaged or disturbed skin. Also, it moisturizes and soothes the skin. Moreover, it adds anti-inflammatory properties to this pain-relieving gel.

Propylene Glycol

The rapid absorbance of gel is very important for the instant numbing effect. For that purpose, Derma Numb gel has propylene glycol. It increases skin penetration. So, the gel reaches the last skin layer in no time and works fast.


Menthol’s refreshing sensation helps to relieve the itching and burning conditions of the skin. Also, it reduces dark spots for glowing skin.

Instructed Time Of Use

First, wash your skin with mild soap and warm water as we did. Then, apply a thick Derma Numb 4% lidocaine gel without rubbing for an hour. Do not forget to wrap the skin for better absorbance of lidocaine numbing gel.

Later, remove the wrapper and gel with a regular wash or soft cloth. At last, your skin is pain-free for almost 2 hours, like other people in Derma Numb reviews.


2 oz
4 oz

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  • Derma Numb gel has 4% lidocaine.
  • The FDA approved it.
  • Also, this lidocaine gel for tattoos is suitable for all types of skin.
  • It is the best gel for pain removal as we experienced.


  • Derma Numb pain-relieving gel only removes the pain, not numbs the skin.

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