Should I Shave Before a Tattoo? (Answered By Tattoo Artists)[2024]

Before getting a tattoo, you should take care of a few things before going to the tattoo studio. For example, you should not drink coffee, alcohol, or blood-thinning medicines. Most importantly, ensure the skin is not burned in sunlight or has any injury, even a minor cut. This is why many people ask us, “Should I shave before a tattoo?” Or shaving before a tattoo is not necessary.

Remember, no tattoo artist can do tattooing on hairy skin. If any tattoo artist tries to do tattooing on hairy skin, he will get lots of patches in the tattoo. Also, the needles of the tattoo machines get into the epidermis layer of the skin to set the tattoo ink. So, only clean and clear skin without hair helps to do perfect tattooing. It means that shaving before a tattoo is essential. Moreover, we have further answered the questions, including “Should I shave before a tattoo?” in this article.

How Long Before Getting A Tattoo You Should Shave The Skin?

The answer to this question is one day. In other words, you should shave the skin one day before getting the tattoo. Do not remove hairs just a few minutes before getting a tattoo.

Because the skin becomes a little sensitive after the hair removal procedure, we advise you not to put the tattoo removal cream on the skin at the last moment. Also, the skin becomes normal after 24 hours of hair removal.

Fortunately, the best tattoo numbing creams remove the tattooing pain and skin irritation if you shave it just before getting a tattoo on it.

How Long Before Getting A Tattoo You Should Shave The Skin

What Happens If You Don’t Shave Before A Tattoo?

If you didn’t shave the skin on which you want to get a tattoo, don’t worry. Your tattoo artist will do it for you, as we know how vital clean skin is for smooth tattooing. The tattoo artist will clean the skin with antibacterial liquid or soap and shave off the skin until no single hair is left.

As we said, you must shave the skin a day before getting a tattoo. However, professional tattoo artists can shave the skin before starting a tattooing session. The reason is the expertise of tattoo artists. They know everything about tattoos and skin conditions. Also, there is no need to apply tattoo removal cream on hairless body areas like hips and ribs.

Shaving Before A Tattoo – Benefits & Disadvantages

Benefits Of Getting A Tattoo On Hairless Skin

  1. The tattoo artist can do tattooing smoothly, and you get a flawless tattoo design with detail.
  2. Also, the tattoo ink gets fixed correctly, and thus, the tattoo looks vibrant forever.
  3. The tattoo aftercare routine and tattoo healing become easy because no hairs on the skin can stick to the tattoo wrap and irritate you.

Disadvantages Of Getting A Tattoo On Hairy Skin

No tattoo artist in the world would do tattooing on hairy skin. But if anyone does that, there will be the following advantages of tattooing on hairy skin:

  1. There will be so many patches in the tattoo design.
  2. Also, the tattoo ink will not be adequately set up in the skin.
  3. Hairs can get in the way when applying the stencil, and maybe the hairs distort the tattoo design linework.
  4. Moreover, the tattooing machine needle can push the strands of hair back down into the skin, which can cause infection.

What Happens If You Don’t Shave


In short, shaving the skin before getting on, which you are going to get tattoos is necessary. Yes, you can shave the skin yourself if you know how to shave the skin properly without getting any blade cut.

If you cannot shave the skin yourself, you have never done this before. Don’t worry because your tattoo artist will shave and clean the skin before starting tattooing. Also, we advise you to shave the skin one day before getting tattoos. However, the tattoo artist can do this before starting the tattooing session as they have expertise.

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