How To Remove Temporary Tattoos? (Without Irritating Skin)[2024]

Temporary tattoos are not just for kids but also everyone. In simple words, we use temporary tattoos on cosplay parties, Halloween, etc. Also, the most significant advantage of using temporary tattoos is getting an exact idea of how you can look with tattoos without getting real tattoos. But do you know how to remove temporary tattoos?

Remove Temporary Tattoos

Removing temporary tattoos is not a big thing, but knowing how to remove temporary tattoos is important. If you don’t do the removal of temporary tattoos properly, you can pull out the hair of the skin or damage the skin. Our tattooist team has shared 4 simple ways to remove temporary tattoos, and we advise you to follow them for quick and safe removal of temporary tattoos.

How To Get Temporary Tattoos Off? – 4 Methods

If you don’t get real tattoos because of pain, you should use the best tattoo numbing cream to get a tattoo painlessly. Whatever the reason for getting temporary tattoos, using only regular soap and washing with water is not enough to remove temporary tattoos. Because it will not fade the tattoo properly.

In our experience, we have found many safe products and multiple methods to remove temporary tattoos. Also, the following procedures are best for you, even if you want to remove temporary tattoos instantly.

1. Typical Chemicals Used In Our Homes

We can remove temporary tattoos with some commonly used chemicals in our homes. Most importantly, these chemical products are safe for the skin. For example, hair spray, mouthwash, hydrogen peroxide, nail paint remover, hand sanitizer, and alcohol can remove temporary tattoos easily without any side effects.

Just use a cotton tissue to rub the chemical on the temporary tattoo. Do this for only one minute, and there is no need to press hard the cotton tissue on the skin as it can irritate your skin. Within 30 seconds, the temporary tattoo starts cracking.

Moreover, you can use products that contain glycolic, lactic, or salicylic acid. Don’t forget to wash the skin with soap When the tattoo disappears completely.

How Long Do Temporary Tattoos Last

2. Baby Oil Or Coconut Oil

Some people prefer using baby or coconut oil to remove temporary tattoos. The benefit of using this method is that the temporary tattoo gets removed without disturbing the natural moisture level of the skin.

Rub the oil on the skin in a circular direction. Please do it for a few seconds, and the tattoo will vanish. If you don’t know, this is the same method for removing makeup.

3. Cold Cream

This method is quite similar to removing a temporary tattoo using baby oil. This is because cold cream is an oil-based product. Apply the cold cream to the temporary tattoo for one hour.

It is fine if the cold cream gets absorbed. Make sure you cover the whole area of the tattoo. After waiting for one hour, wash and wipe out the tattoo area under running water. As a result, the tattoo will flush away.

How To Get Temporary Tattoos Off

4. Household Scotch Tape Or Medical Tape

This method is just another optional way to remove temporary tattoos. In other words, you can use this method if you have nothing besides household tape.

Remember, this is not like waxing, as you have to remove little pieces one by one of the temporary tattoos. In this method, cut a piece of tape and put it on the tattoo. Then, peel it off. With each piece of tape, a little piece of the temporary tattoo will get removed.

In the end, you can rub the ice cube on the skin to remove redness if you have any. Make sure the tape is not super sticky to avoid skin irritation. Also, please don’t use a big piece of tape and put it on the whole tattoo. Because using a big piece of tape will not remove the tattoo or can make patches in the tattoo.

How Long Do Temporary Tattoos Last?

If we talk about the best quality temporary tattoos in modern times, they are waterproof and made with nontoxic chemicals. Also, they are too sticky and have vibrant colors to look natural.

If you don’t remove the temporary tattoos by yourself, these tattoos can take a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 3 weeks to fade away naturally.

Note: Do not use the first chemical product method if the temporary tattoos are on the face. Because any chemical product can harm the eyes, only rub the oil or cold cream in a circular direction instead of pressing too hard on the skin. However, we don’t recommend these methods to people with extra sensitive skin.

For more information or questions, comment in the below section. Our tattooist team is always here to guide you. Share this article with your tattoo-lover friends and family if you find it helpful.

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