How To Cover Up A Tattoo With Makeup? (Complete Method)[2024]

Getting no tattoos on your body feels weird nowadays, as almost everyone has tattoos. This fact is not a big surprise for us because we know that. Having a unique and beautiful tattoo on your body makes you feel special and attractive. Sometimes, tattoos are connected to you and have deep meanings. But we should know how to cover up a tattoo with makeup.

The reason can be anything. For example, it can be a job requirement, attending an unfamiliar party function, or you don’t want to show the tattoo to anyone. Also, some girls want to hide their tattoos on their first date or when they get to do a photo shoot for a modeling audition. Therefore, we have shared our expert method to tell you how to cover up a tattoo with makeup instead of removing the tattoo permanently. So, you can go anywhere without revealing your tattoo to anyone.

Method Of Covering Up Tattoos With Temporary Makeup

If you have used our recommended products, like the best tattoo numbing creams, or followed our informational article. You know that we shared only genuine details with you. Now, it’s time to cover up your tattoo. Want to see the producer? Here it is. Just do as we say.

1. Use Primer On The Tattooed Skin

First, wash your tattooed skin and dry it with soft fabric clothing. Then, use a primer to make your skin smooth and ready for makeup. It helps to wear makeup for a longer time. Apply the primer properly on the tattooed skin.

2. Use Color Corrector Crayon On The Colorful Tattoo

You may have understood this step by reading the heading. In case you have a colorful tattoo instead of a full black tattoo. You have to use a color-corrector crayon on the skin to conceal the colors of the tattoo completely. However, this step is optional if the color of your tattoo is only black.

Method Of Covering Up Tattoos With Temporary Makeup

3. Use Foundation

Following the previous steps, you can now use the foundation on the tattooed skin. We advise you to use your fingers to apply the foundation. Then, create a smooth look using a makeup blender until the tattoo is hidden.

4. Use Concealer

Use the concealer of the tattooed skin on which you applied foundation before. The goal is to hide the tattoo completely. So the skin looks natural. Make sure you choose the concealer the same as your skin color.

5. Use Of Translucent Powder And Makeup Setting Spray

This step is just an additional step for you. In simple words, it only depends on whether you want to do this step. Use face powder and makeup setting spray on the covered tattooed skin. This will make the tattoo coverup makeup more long-lasting, and you have to wash the tattooed skin to remove the makeup.

Tattoo Concealing

How To Cover A Tattoo Without Makeup?

Don’t forget that there are also straightforward ways to cover tattoos, even without using makeup on the tattoos. You can use clothes and other fashion accessories to cover your tattoos instantly.

For example, you can hide the neck tattoo with open hair or wear a scarf. Also, you can hide the ankle tattoo by wearing a shoe or trendy long socks. The tattoo on the forearm can be covered by wearing a watch, bangles, or wristband.

Note: Don’t try to cover the new tattoo using makeup. Before using the tattoo concealing products regularly, make sure all of these makeup products are suitable for your skin. For once, try this tattoo-covering method at home. So, you can confirm that you can cover up your tattoo anytime without problems.

Hopefully, you understood the procedure of covering up your tattoo. So, whenever you want to go out without showing off your tattoo publicly, follow the above steps to cover up your tattoo. Also, you can tell other people how to cover up a tattoo with makeup.

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