How To Reduce Tattoo Swelling And Redness? (Treatment)[2024]

Every professional tattoo artist gives a few instructions for the tattoo aftercare routine. So, your new tattoo can heal appropriately without issues like tattoo swelling, cracking, itchiness, or dryness. However, some people ignore those essential tips and search for how to reduce tattoo swelling at home. On the other hand, there is another reason for swelling on tattoos.

For example, the immune system or our body sends extra white blood cells and other chemicals to treat the injury. Because a new tattoo is like an open wound and needs to heal as soon as possible. Whatever the case is, we are here to help you. Fortunately, We’ve worked for over a decade in tattooing and know how to reduce tattoo swelling. Read this helpful article to treat redness and swelling after getting a new tattoo.

Simple Guide To Remove Redness And Swelling On A New Tattoo (Tips)

The following tips are 100% beneficial for tattoo swelling removal and help you avoid redness, itchiness, and swelling after getting a new tattoo.

  1. Use the best tattoo soap and mildly warm water to wash the swollen tattoo. Never use hot or cold water to wash a new tattoo.
  2. Do not use anything other than a paper towel to dry the new tattoo.
  3. Also, use an anti-inflammatory cream or balm to remove swelling on the new tattoo.
  4. According to our experience, using an ice cube pack on the swollen tattoo helps remove the swelling.
  5. Moreover, you can use the best tattoo numbing spray on the swollen tattoo to lower the pain. These sprays are the liquid formula of the best tattoo numbing creams that tattoo artists use on your skin before tattooing for a painless procedure.
  6. No matter how much the swollen tattoo feels uncomfortable, do not scratch the swollen tattoo.
  7. Try not to expose the tattoo to the sunlight or use 30 SPF sunscreen on the tattoo to go outdoors.
  8. Further, avoid going to the gym, swimming pool, or in a dusty environment until the tattoo completely heals.
  9. Eat vegetables that contain vitamin C for fast tattoo healing.
  10. Use onion and garlic in your food because of their anti-microbial characteristics.
  11. Last but not least, avoid alcohol, coffee, or energy drinks, as they thin your blood and slow down healing. We advise you to drink lots of water, healthy juices, and soups.

How To Reduce Tattoo Swelling


How Long Will My Arm Be Swollen After Getting A New Tattoo?

You can face swelling on your new tattoo for one day or even 5-6 days.

Can You Ice A Swollen Tattoo?

If you are feeling irritated because of tattoo swelling. Then, you can use ice on a swollen tattoo, but only for 20 minutes.

How To Reduce Tattoo Swelling On The Arm?

You can use anti-inflammatory cream or balm. Our recommended tattoo numbing creams, sprays, and gels are anti-inflammatory.

How To Reduce Swelling On A Lip Tattoo?

Use an ice cube pack on the lips to reduce swelling on the lip tattoo. Make sure your lips remain wet for 10 days after getting a tattoo on the lips. It also helps to fix the ink color in the tattoo.

How To Reduce Swelling On The Foot Tattoo Or Leg Tattoo?

Swelling on the foot tattoo is not a big thing. Because of body weight, the lower body cannot rest properly, and a tattoo on any part of the lower body gets swollen. We advise you to use ice cubes to remove swelling on the foot tattoo or leg tattoo.

Redness And Swelling On A New Tattoo

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