What To Do Before Getting A Tattoo? (7 Things To Do)[2024]

Everyone gets super excited when getting a tattoo for the very first time. On the other hand, we also get a little nervous at that moment because we don’t know what it will feel like. We advise you to know what to do before getting a tattoo. So you can be confident and ready when getting a new tattoo.

Most importantly, you should be physically ready too. Your first tattoo session will be enjoyable and comfortable if you know what to do before getting a tattoo. We found that some people decide to get a tattoo after thinking for so long but don’t know how to prepare for a tattoo session. Therefore, our tattoo artist has shared some important guidelines to help you in your first and even tenth tattoo session.

How To Prepare For A Tattoo? – Complete Guide

First, you need to know that getting a tattoo is a painless procedure. But only if you use the best numbing cream for tattoos to numb the skin before going to the tattoo studio. Yes, it is safe, and you can enjoy getting a tattoo.

However, there are also other things you have to take care of. Fortunately, we have discussed what makes you ready for the first tattoo session and got the 7 important things following.

1. Appointment With Your Tattoo Artist To Finalise The Tattoo Design

Never select any random tattoo design and go to any tattoo studio to get that tattoo design. Because tattoos are not a temporary thing. In other words, do not rush when getting a tattoo. Otherwise, you will regret that.

Your tattoo artist can make a whole new and unique tattoo design just for you. So, get an appointment with a professional tattoo to discuss the tattoo design requirements. Make sure you love the tattoo that you are getting.


2. Drink Enough Water To Stay Hydrated

We all know the basic need of our body is water. But most people ignore the importance of hydration and don’t drink enough water. Meanwhile, staying hydrated while getting a tattoo is necessary.

Staying hydrated makes your skin condition great for tattooing. It helps the tattoo ink to get into the skin quickly. In short, you should drink at least 2 liters of water within 24 hours before getting a tattoo. Also, it helps the skin to heal quickly.

Drink Enough Water

3. Get Proper Sleep

This is also another common yet important point. You know that we feel super energetic and refreshed after waking up from sleep. Similarly, you feel better during getting tattoos if you slept properly last night. On the other hand, without getting proper sleep, you feel tired and extra sensitive while getting tattoos. So, get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep.

Proper Sleep

4. Take a Shower Before Going To Tattoo Studio

Yes, you take shower regularly. But don’t forget to take shower before going to the tattoo studio to get a tattoo. Because the skin area should be clean and clear on which you are going to get a tattoo.

Take a Shower Before Getting A Tattoo

5. Eat Healthy Food

Avoid eating junk food or any other unhealthy food. Because you need energy and you should eat only healthy food for that. Remember, the tattoo session takes some time you need to be fresh and have the energy to sit for that long time. Also, you can take something with you to eat during the tattooing session.


6. Shave The Skin Area

You should know that tattooing a hairy skin area is not possible. If you do that, the result will be multiple patches in the tattoo. So, shaving the skin is compulsory for a perfect tattooing session. Moreover, there is no problem if you don’t know how to shave the skin without getting cuts; your tattoo artist will shave your skin area before you start tattooing.

Shave Before Getting A Tattoo

7. Wear Loose Clothes

We have worked as tattoo artists for over a decade now. Most people come to us wearing jeans and other tight clothes, which is not the right thing to do. Remember, you must wear only loose clothing when going to the tattoo studio to get a tattoo.

There are multiple reasons to wear loose clothes during the tattoo session. First, you feel comfortable and can sit properly for a long tattoo session. Second, you can move every body part, and the tattoo artist approaches your skin quickly. Third, tight clothes can disturb the tattooed skin when the session ends.

You do not want to wear inflexible jeans or a dress shirt while getting a tattoo. You want to be as comfortable as possible during your tattoo session. In simple words, wearing loose clothing will allow your artist calm access to the area you are getting tattooed.

Wear Loose Clothes Before Getting A Tattoo

Now you know what to do before getting a tattoo. We tried our best to make you understand the importance of being prepared for getting a tattoo. If you follow our given tips and guidelines, you are definitely going to enjoy the moment of getting your first tattoo ever.

We hope you got what you were searching for. If you like this informative article, share it with others. You can also ask us further questions related to tattoos. Further, we have so many excellent articles on tattoo products, tattoo meanings, and tattoo designs in the blog, which you should check out, too.
Stay Blessed, and all the best for your first tattoo.

Chloe Arthur

Chloe Arthur

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