How To Get Tattoo Ink Out Of Clothes? (5 Simple Methods)[2024]

As we know, tattoos are permanent body art. Similarly, tattoo inks are permanent. Most people wear old clothes when getting a new tattoo. But few people wear new clothes during a tattoo session. As a result, they get tattoo ink that turns into green stains on their clothes. Therefore, you should know how to get tattoo ink out of clothes.

Remember, tattoo ink does not get fixed instantly in the skin. In simple words, your clothes and even bed sheets can get dirty because of the ink of a new tattoo. Don’t worry, as we are here to help you. If you have tattoo ink stains on your clothes and don’t know how to get tattoo ink out of your clothes, we have shared every method to clean your clothes in this article.

How To Remove Old Ink Stains From Clothes?

We know that getting a new tattoo is a wonderful experience because you get a permanent piece of art on your body. Also, the best numbing creams make it comfortable to get tattoos without feeling pain. But what if your clothes get dirty with tattoo ink stains? It can spoil your mood. Yes, the clothes will also get frittered in that condition.

Fortunately, we can help you in removing stains from clothes. In case you got tattoo ink stains recently, immediately wash those clothes with warm water. Remember, removing the tattoo ink stains from the clothes will be difficult if the ink stains get old. However, you can follow the following methods to get rid of old tattoo ink stains on your clothes:

How To Remove Old Ink Stains From Clothes

1. Use Of Nail Polish Remover

One of the chemicals used in nail polish can remove tattoo ink stains. However, excessive use of nail remover can damage the clothes. For the best results, use the nail polish remover on the additional part of your clothes before using it on the stained area of the clothes.

2. Wipe The Clothes With Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol is another useful liquid that can remove tattoo ink stains easily. Alcohol lightens the ink stains. As a result, the stains of tattoo ink get quickly removed.

3. Oxygenated Cleanser

If the tattoo ink stains on your clothes get old, we advise you to soak them with oxygen cleaner or bleach for at least 5-10 minutes. Also, using warm water when using an oxygenated cleanser is beneficial.

4. Vinegar And Cornstarch Mixture

Combining vinegar and cornstarch makes a great mixture that cleans tattoo ink stains easily. Apply this paste to the stained part of the clothes and let it dry. Then, wash the clothes in warm water. So, the tattoo ink stains get removed.

5. Amodex

Amodex is the harmless and safest soap to remove tattoo ink stains from clothes. If you are looking for the safest things to remove stains from thin clothing. No doubt, Amodex is the right choice for you.

Does Tattoo Ink Come Out Of Clothes?

Removing the ink stains from the clothes will be easy if you follow all these instructions. First, rub alcohol, hairspray, or hand sanitizer to remove the stains. This method will make removing the tattoo ink stains easier when you wash your clothes.

Using these things helps to remove most types of ink stains. But first, remember to test the stained garment for colorfastness. Also, make sure that the clothes don’t get damaged.

Does Tattoo Ink Come Out Of Clothes

What Removes Ink From Clothing?

Getting tattoo ink stains on delicate fabrics like silk or satin can be risky. In simple words, you will not be able to remove the tattoo ink stains with oxygen cleaner. Because it can damage your clothes. Therefore, we recommend you use two white paper towels and hairspray or alcohol chemical-based to do the cleaning.

Apply everything to the stained area of the clothes. Meanwhile, start spraying hair spray on the stain. As a result, the tattoo ink stains will soon decompose and come out of the fabric.

What Removes Ink From Clothing

How To Get Tattoo Ink Out Of Carpet?

One of the most asked questions besides “how to get tattoo ink out of clothes” is the second one. It means that most people get stuck in this situation where they get tattoo ink stains on the carpet and don’t know how to solve this problem. We have faced this problem and learned how to remove tattoo ink from the carpet.

Use a pure and soft microfiber cloth to absorb the tattoo ink. After that, rub alcohol on the tattoo ink stains; only stains will be left on your carpet. The stain removal will be effortless if you pour alcohol on the carpet for several minutes.

Moreover, baking soda is one of the best methods to clear tattoo ink stains from your carpet. Let the baking soda and water remain on the ink stains. After ten minutes, wash the carpet with baking soda. In the end, you will see that the carpet is spotless.

How To Get Tattoo Ink Out Of Carpet


Removing the tattoo ink stains from clothes is easy if you follow our methods. If you get tattoo ink stains on one of your favorite clothes, don’t throw those clothes away. Most clothes are made of cotton or natural fibers. Also, read the instructions carefully so that you don’t suffer any harm later.

Hopefully, you found this answer “How To Get Tattoo Ink Out Of Clothes?” Kindly share it with your tattoo-lover friends. Also, you can ask further questions in the comment section below. We are always here to help you in tattoo-related situations. Moreover, you can check out our blog to read more informational articles.
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