How To Shower With A New Tattoo? (Things To Know)[2023]

Keep in mind that you have to take care of your new tattoo for some days until it heals properly. In simple words, no matter what type of tattoo design you have or how big or small it is, your carelessness can ruin the tattooed skin completely. However, the tattoo aftercare routine is very simple and you should know how to shower with a new tattoo?

Every professional tattoo artist gives proper guidelines for tattoo aftercare routine to his client. But few amateur tattoo artists don’t do that as they lake knowledge and experience. Therefore, some people search for the answer to how to shower with a new tattoo on the internet. So, our tattooist team answered all the questions related to showering with a new tattoo in this article.

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Showering With A New Tattoo – Is It Good Or What Is The Method?

Some people think that they cannot shower until the new tattoo heals, which is totally wrong. How can you stay dirty for almost two weeks? According to our tattooing experience, an average size tattoo takes two weeks to heal completely.

Yes, you can take a shower with a new tattoo. But there are always a few precautions to avoid any infection or tattoo damage during the tattoo healing stage. No doubt that getting tattoos is a painless and comfortable process nowadays. But only if you use the best tattoo numbing cream 2023. Now, back to the main point.

When the tattooing procedure ends, the tattoo artist always wraps the tattooed skin area with a second skin bandage or saniderm. So, your tattoo does not get dirty with dust or infected because of germs and bacteria. In fact, this tattoo wrap also keeps your tattoo safe when taking a shower.

Showering With A New Tattoo

Method Of Washing The New Tattoo

We advise you to wash the newly tattooed skin after 12 to 24 hours. After the first few hours of tattooing, the extra bleeding and tattoo ink left over form a layer on the skin, which needs to remove. Remember, you can wash the newly tattooed skin with only the best tattoo soap and clean it with a paper towel. Also, use warm water only.

After that, you have to keep the tattooed skin away from water. Let us suppose you got a tattoo on your forearm. Then, try to use the water for washing only once or twice per 24 hours. So, your new tattoo on your forearm has a minimum chance to expose to water.

Method Of Taking A Shower With A New Tattoo

Similarly, wrap the new tattoo with a saniderm bandage before going to take a shower. Make sure the water is warm. Now, take a shower and use the best tattoo soap for cleaning the body. In the end, use a soft paper towel for drying the body. Also, don’t rub anything harsh on the newly tattooed skin.

Don’t hit the shower water on the wrapped tattoo. Meanwhile, the water flowing over the wrapped tattoo is fine. Moreover, you cannot shave over the tattooed skin area as a newly tattooed is nothing less than an open wounded skin.

In case you are taking bath in a bathtub, then you cannot dip the tattooed skin area into the water tub. Because it is highly recommended to not submerge any new tattoo in deep water even for a few seconds. This is the same as swimming with a new tattoo. In addition, showering with a new tattoo should be quick, and never take a sunbath with a new tattoo.

Method Of Taking A Shower With A New Tattoo


In short, the first shower with a new tattoo should be after 12 to 24 hours after getting that tattoo. After that, wait for 3 to 4 days until open wounds of tattoos start to heal properly. Then, you can start taking shower after every 2 days until tattoo healing gets completed. Also, wrap the new tattoo with saniderm and take a shower. You can only use warm water and the best tattoo soap for washing the body.

Moreover, don’t directly hit the water shower on the wrapped tattoo, and don’t take shower in a bathtub as you cannot submerge the tattooed skin in deep water. Last but not least, use a soft paper towel to dry the skin, and don’t rub anything on the tattooed skin. Make the showering with a new tattoo a very quick session.

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