Why Do Tattoos Turn Green? (Tips For Black Ink Tattoos)[2024]

In old times, black tattoos always turned green after some decades, no matter what type of tattoo design people got on their bodies. Every aged man and aged woman has green tattoos. However, the green tattoos on their bodies were originally black. Suppose you want to keep your tattoos new forever. Then, you should know why do tattoos turn green?

Don’t worry if you do not know why the black tattoo changes into black. Our tattoo artist team has researched so many green tattoo cases. As a result, we have found some valuable tips and answers to “why do tattoos turn green?”. So without wasting any time, let’s check out this article.

Reason Behind Black Tattoo Change To Green With Time

Remember, the black tattoo ink does not change into green tattoo ink. Some pigments of black tattoo ink get dissolved into the body with time. As a result, only the remaining pigments which did not absorb, appear in the tattoo.

Black color is made of different colors, as is black tattoo ink. We found that the black tattoo ink’s green and blue color pigment does not get soaked up into the body. Therefore, the old tattoo looks green.

Reason Behind Black Tattoo Change To Green With Time

Do Black Tattoos Stay Black?

Yes, black tattoos stay black but only if your tattoo artist uses modern black ink. In simple words, the latest tattoo inks are manufactured with advanced formulas, just like the best tattoo numbing creams. So, your black tattoos never fade even after fifty years. Also, modern tattoo inks, including the best red tattoo ink, are safe and don’t cause infection.

Do Black Tattoos Stay Black

How Long Do Tattoos Stay Black?

When we talk about a black tattoo that turned into a green tattoo. It does not mean the black tattoo suddenly changed into a green tattoo. It takes a couple of years to turn a black tattoo into a green tattoo. For example, ten to twenty years.

Most importantly, the tattoos on visible body parts have more chances to fade away or turn green faster than those on less visible body parts. Because tattoos on visible body parts encounter sunlight and other ultraviolet factors.

All of us get wrinkles on our skin with age. So, if you have a tattoo on your neck or the back of your hand. Then, your tattoo design and tattoo color will surely deform with age.

How Long Do Tattoos Stay Black

Tips To Keep Your Black Tattoo Fresh

  1. Use sun protection on your newly tattooed skin.
  2. Coconut oil is one of the best options to keep your tattoo hydrated and keep the tattoo ink vibrant.
  3. If the outline of your new tattoo is not fixed correctly, it can wreck the black ink and design. So, book a tattoo touch-up session with a tattoo artist.


In short, the black tattoo turns green after a couple of decades because of the absorbance of tattoo ink in the body. Make sure your tattoo artist uses modern black tattoo ink with the best quality. Also, tattoo placement is equally important to keep tattoos safe from color fading.

We hope you found this informative article helpful. Now, you know “why do tattoos turn green?”. You can share it with friends and family. If you have any tattoo-related questions, you can ask us without hesitation. We have covered a large number of tattoo topics in the blog section. Don’t forget to check that out.
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