How Much To Tip Tattoo Artist? (Tattooing Tip Etiquette) [2024]

You’ll end your tattooing session incorrectly by annoying your tattoo artist. Definitely, you don’t want that to happen. Remember, tattooing is a very delicate procedure and requires etiquette. In simple words, you should trust your tattooist’s skills after finalizing a tattoo design. Most importantly, tipping a tattoo artist is also an important part of tattooing etiquette if you know how much to tip a tattoo artist.

However, both of these things are not something very difficult. A true professional tattoo artist loves tattoos and tattooing art more than you can imagine. So, you need to have some patience while getting your tattoo. On the other hand, we will tell you everything you should know about how much to tip tattoo artists and tattooing etiquette. Further, we have shared a tattoo tip chart for you.

Let us explain in simple words:

Tattoo Tip Matters – Should You Tip A Tattoo Artist?

Tipping your tattoo artist after getting a tattoo from him is not compulsory. But you must give extra money as a tip to your tattoo artist when you are happy with your new tattoo or want to express satisfaction with your tattooist’s work. Also, valuing any artist’s work helps to motivate them and build a strong friendship bond.

Our tattooist team has met so many tattoo artists from other cities in our experience. Meeting with people and tattoo artists of different cultures helps us explore art and discover tattoo mythology.

Moreover, you should know every tattoo artist works so hard to create a new tattoo artist only for you. The process of researching and doing drawings takes several hours. In short, a professional tattoo artist works from your first appointment to your tattooing session. Last but not least, a tattoo artist has to pay shop rent and expenses of tattooing equipment, tattoo ink, and tattoo numbing creams.

Tattoo Equipments

The amount of tips depends on the complexity of the tattoo design and the tattooing skills of the tattooist. As every tattoo has a different tattooing price. Similarly, there is no fixed tip amount for any tattoo. Meanwhile, we found that people usually give a minimum of 20% more than the actual tattooing price as a tip.

To clarify, there is no fixed ratio between the tattooing price and the tattooing tip. How much to tip tattoo artist or not give any tip to a tattoo artist only depends on you and your budget.

We advise everyone if they can afford to tip a tattoo artist, only then give tip money to their tattooist. Otherwise, don’t embarrass yourself, as no tattoo artist wants that to happen. Don’t forget that a tattoo artist makes sure you are comfy during tattooing and guides you in your aftercare routine.

Tattoo Tip Chart

To give you an example of how much percentage should be between the tattooing price and the tattooing tip, we shared this tattoo tip chart. After reading this, you will know how much to tip a tattoo artist according to your tattoo.

Tattooing Price 20% Tip 25% Tip 30% Tip
$100 $20 $25 $30
$200 $40 $50 $60
$300 $60 $75 $90
$400 $80 $100 $120
$500 $100 $120 $150
$800 $160 $200 $240
$1000 $200 $250 $300
$1200 $240 $300 $360
$1500 $300 $375 $450
$1800 $360 $450 $540
$2000 $400 $500 $600
$2500 $500 $625 $750
$3000 $600 $750 $900
$3500 $700 $875 $1050
$4000 $800 $1000 $1200

Tattoo Tip Etiquette

Never take your group of friends with you to a tattoo shop. A professional tattoo artist takes every tattooing procedure seriously and only focuses on making a perfect, detailed tattoo. So, any disturbance or unconscious environment annoys them very much.

However, tattoo artists have friendly and caring behavior with clients. They listen and understand everything you say for a pleasant tattooing session.

Never give confusing comments on a tattoo during a tattooing session. It sounds like you are doubting tattoo artists’ skills. Making a beautiful tattoo is always the priority of a tattooist, no matter who the client is. Just be patient and let your tattooist do his work.

After getting your new tattoo wrapped in a saniderm bandage, give your tattooist a tattooing tip in cash. You can also provide a gift to your tattooist, but only the cash tip is valued.

Tattoo Tip

Bonus Tip: If you got your tattoo and didn’t give extra money as a tip. At least you can shout out to your tattoo artist on social media and promote them for free. Also, you can give them a five-star rating on their website or review their skills in your blog.

What If You Are Unhappy With Your New Tattoo?

In case you went to an amateur tattoo artist because of a low budget, and as a result, you did not get a good tattoo. Then there is no chance you have to tip your tattoo artist. You can do better by giving another chance to that tattoo artist for tattoo correction.

Maybe that can end up beneficial for both of you. That’s how you can get a beautiful tattoo design, and your tattoo artist will get motivated, not embarrassed.

Also, detailing some tattoo designs requires two or three tattooing sessions. If this is the case, you should give tips according to the price of each tattooing session. The reason is that some intricate and big-size tattoo designs take months or even a year to complete in different tattoo sessions. Therefore, giving on every tattoo session is the best approach.

Tattooing Etiquette


Who does not want to be appreciated and recognized? Similarly, giving extra money as a tip or monetary gift is the best way to thank them for their dedication to work. They work for hours behind any tattooing procedure. Also, the price of tattooing tips helps them to afford shop expenses.

So, when you got inked permanent body art. Give your tattoo artist a minimum of 20-30% extra money as a tip. It boosts their confidence to create more and more extraordinary tattoo designs. Moreover, you can give the same amount of tattooing price as a tip to your tattooist.

If you found our article helpful, share it with your tattoo-lover friends. We did our best to explain the tattooing tip price in very simple words. Further, you can ask us any questions on tattoo-related topics as we are here to guide you. Don’t forget to check out our tattoo designs and their meanings in the blog section.
Stay Blessed!

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