Anchor Tattoo Meaning & 23 Unique Designs For You (2023)

Anchor tattoos have been famous for centuries. Today the anchor tattoo is a popular selection for the whole world, especially for sailors. Also, the reason behind their popularity is adaptability and retro style. Amazingly, anchor tattoos have many extensive meanings many people do not know. In this article, we’ve explained the anchor tattoo meanings in easy words. Different sizes of anchor tattoos you can get them anywhere on the body.

Remember, the anchor is used to keep victory over impossible barriers. In starting, the anchor tattoo was designed only for sailors to identify each other and use for hints of the sea relations. Moreover, we’ve collected the best anchor tattoo ideas so you can easily select the design.

Important Meanings Of Anchor Tattoos

An anchor tattoo is simply a description of the sea. Also, it’s a clue of being held down and staying rounded. Moreover, anchors could represent loyalty and protection. Since anchors have multiple meanings, they’re a great tattoo idea. Sailors combine their anchor tattoos with the name of a loved one.

As a result, anchor tattoos also use for remembrance of someone. Luckily, the best numbing cream for tattoos helps you get new tattoos without feeling pain. Moreover, you can express your qualities via tattoo art. Below we share some meanings of the anchor tattoo.

  • Strength
  • Purity
  • Dedication
  • Benefit
  • Protector
  • Perseverance
  • Aspiration

History Of Anchor Tattoo

There is no doubt that anchor has been a famous tattoo for many years. However, anchor tattoos are rooted in sailors, and these anchor tattoos were just used for divers, sailors, and marine recruits centuries ago. All the sea workers show anchor tattoos to other workers for confirmation.

In addition, anchor tattoos related to Christianity also used anchors instead of crosses when they persecuted minorities. Furthermore, pirates love to get anchor tattoos with skulls and bones. So, pirates made it famous and invented the skull style with the anchor.

The history of anchor tattoos was incomplete without talking about Sailor Jerry. That tattoo artist helped in bringing the one-stage underground world of tattooing to the mainstream.

Anchor Symbolism

Anchor tattoos also compare some current symbols. We already talk about Christianity, which is equal to the “Chi Rho” sign. Emperor Constantine has seen this symbol so many times in his daydreams.

In ancient times, most warriors used the anchor symbols for their protection in the battleground. Moreover, the Christian belief in growth helped spread it throughout almost the world.

Moreover, it reaches the Egyptian Ankh symbol, a sign of life. It links the female and male sides of a human being. The more extended part describes the male genitalia, and the female part describes the round end, both tied together.

Anchor Tattoo Designs

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