Tattoo Placement (Best Body Parts To Get Tattoos) [2024]

Even after selecting an attractive tattoo design, your work is not done yet. Now, you have to decide on the tattoo placement on your body. In our experience, we have met many tattoo lovers in the world. As a result, our team has found four major types of people, which are the following:

  1. People who want to show off their new tattoos and get tattoos on more visible body parts like the neck and arms.
  2. People who don’t want to reveal their tattoos to everyone. So, they get tattoos on hidden body parts like hips and inner thighs.
  3. People who only get tattoos on private body parts like under the breasts and above the vagina to increase their sexual appeal.
  4. People want tattoos on the least painful skin areas like the shoulder, forearms, and outer thighs.

Maybe now, you know what you want to do with your tattoo. In case, you want to know the right body places to get tattoos and every detail about them. We are here to guide you in tattoo placement with this informative article and tattoo placement chart. Let’s get started!

Things To Consider When Selecting A Skin Area For A Tattoo (3 Tips)

We should know a few things before moving forward with tattoo placement ideas. These tips will get you perfect body spots for cute, small, sexy, and unique tattoos.

1. Where Tattoo Looks Promising

Before Finalizing any tattoo place, test the skin area with a removable outline with henna. If that looks good or that specific skin area. Then, that body part is a great choice to get a tattoo.

Also, remember small tattoos can be tattooed everywhere on the skin, like behind ears, and inside fingers. But large-size tattoos require more skin areas like the chest, back, or thighs. In short, never try to get a good size tattoo in small place parts.

2. Pain Of Tattooing

Big size tattoos look so crazy as they show massive tolerance and the power to feel pain. But some people only get big tattoos to prove their selves, which is not good.

If you want a tattoo requiring more skin area, you must go for it. Because getting a tattoo is all about your personality and mindset. So, never get this beautiful body art to participate in the rat race. Value tattooing art and getting tattoos will increase your physical beauty and spiritual power.

On the other, every tattoo lover gets tattoos without pain. The tattooing sessions have become painless and pleasant with the best tattoo numbing creams.

3. Tattoo Visibility

It depends on us to decide whether we want tattoos for ourselves or to show off unique tattoo designs on our bodies. As we know, tattoos on visible parts like the neck or arms can be seen by everybody. Similarly, tattoos on private body parts like boobs and vaginas are only visible to you.

However, tattoos on the back of your body are easily visible to anybody but not to you. For example, upper or lower back tattoos and ass tattoos are great. But, getting tattoos on your body has this big con. But if you want tattoos only for deep meanings or to define your personality, you should get tattoos anywhere on your body.

Moreover, you may have to cover your tattoo because of a specific job. Covering tattoos on some skin areas for a job can be easy with clothes. Luckily, we have research that almost no job demands hiding tattoos on the body. In short, get tattoos on your body where you want them.

Further, you can discuss tattoo placement with your tattoo artist to have some suggestions about tattoo places. To avoid any tattoo removal in the future, take time and never compromise in getting your favorite tattoo.

Tattoo Places – Tattoo Placement Ideas For Women & Men

Despite having tattooing experience and knowledge, we researched ideal places for tattoo placement. Most importantly, we questioned thousands of people who got tattoos on different body parts.

After gathering every detail, we shared the least painful to most painful spots for tattoos.

1. Tattoos On The Head

Mostly, bald people get tattoos on their heads. But getting tattoos on the head is not as easy as it seems. The Head skin area is the most painful place to get a tattoo. A few people get tattoos on the scalp and grow hair. So, no one gets to know about their mysterious tattoo.

Also, people get head tattoos related to intelligence and wisdom. We advise you to try other tattoo placement ideas to select the least painful tattoo places.

Tattoos On Head

2. Shoulder Tattoos

Getting tattoos on the shoulders is very common between women and men. You can get small and big curvy tattoos on your shoulders. Professional tattoo artists can make unlimited unique designs tattoo for this tattoo place. The skin area of the shoulder hurts bearable. So, anybody feels almost comfortable during the tattooing process.

Shoulder Tattoos

3. Collarbone Tattoos

Collarbone tattoos have a huge impact on female beauty. The twirly and curvy collarbone tattoo looks so much breathtaking. Even without any tattoos, men fall for women when seeing female collarbones. Similarly, tattoos on the collarbone enhance the beauty magic. So, no man on earth can resist the alluring appearance of women with collarbone tattoos.

Yes, collarbone tattoos hurt somewhat. But feeling a little pain for getting tattoos on the collarbone is worth it.

Collarbone Tattoo

4. Tattoo Around Neck

The neck is not a great choice for tattoo placement. We can have small tattoos on the neck or big tattoos around the neck. But getting tattoos on the neck hurts pretty or even a little much if the tattoo is big. Also, everybody gets wrinkles on the neck with age. In simple words, your fantastic neck tattoo will not be the same in your 50s and above.

Tattoo Around Neck

5. Bicep & Tricep Tattoos

Getting Tattoos on the bicep and tricep muscles is a dream of everybody, especially boys. This fact does not just apply to muscular boys, but every teenager, young or adult male, can relate to it. There are unlimited unique tattoo ideas for the upper arm and full arm.

This skin area only hurts low or normal. Therefore, men get full scenery tattoos, tribal band tattoos, wing tattoos, and even a combo of many symbol tattoos on their arms. Meanwhile, one common factor in multiple-arm tattoos is showing strength and power.

Bicep & Tricep Tattoos

6. Forearm And Wrist Tattoos

The most favorite and famous place to get tattoos is the wrist and forearm. Everybody can see your wrist tattoo on the first meetup when shaking hands. We have found that more than 90% of people get symbol tattoos on their wrists. However, some people love to get bracelet tattoos on their wrists.

Wrist Tattoos

But remember, getting a tattoo on your forearms usually hurts, while getting a tattoo on your wrist hurts so much if you are not using any best tattoo numbing sprays. Also, wrist or forearm tattoos can fade a little earlier than other tattoos because of exposure to direct sunlight.

Forearm Tattoos

7. Small Tattoos On Finger And Toes

We advise you to get only simple tattoos on your fingers or toes. These places are for only small tattoo designs. Getting tattoos on fingers or toes hurts badly. However, getting a tiny tattoo design needs only a small tattooing session.

So basically, bearing pain to get a tattoo on a finger or toe is not a big deal at all. If you plan to get a tattoo on every finger or toe at once, use our recommended tattoo numbing products to get tattoos without feeling pain.

Small Tattoos On Finger And Toes

8. Chest Tattoos

Muscular men feel low pain while getting tattoos on their chests. However, lean men feel reasonable pain in getting chest tattoos. So, getting tattoos on the chest is nearly comfortable. Chest tattoos demonstrate a superior personality. That is why we all love tattoos on the chest. For us, the chest is one of the best places to get a tattoo.

Chest Tattoo For Women

Chest Tattoos For Men

9. Breast / Boobs Tattoos

Females usually get tattoos around the boobs, not on the boobs. Getting tattoos around the breasts shows too much love, as boobs are the most beautiful private parts of the body. So, only a loved one of a female can see the boob tattoos.

The most famous tattoos for boobs are the rose tattoo and the lover name tattoo. Getting a tattoo around your breast hurts moderately, but getting a tattoo on the boobs can hurt so much. The reason is the sensitive skin of the boobs.

Breast Boobs Tattoos

10. Ribs Tattoo

There is a large skin area for getting tattoos on the ribs. Only great tattoo lovers dare to get rib tattoos as getting tattoos on ribs hurts very much. The reason is that the ribs are the slender part of the body.

In case, you are too skinny, we have some advice for you. Don’t get the ribs tattoo, as you will suffer from pain during the tattooing session. If you are healthy or strong, you can have a rib tattoo if you want to. Most importantly, you can use our recommended best tattoo numbing gels for a painless tattooing experience.

Rib Tattoo

11. Stomach Tattoos (Belly)

Both Males and females get tattoos on their bellies. Luckily, the stomach is also the least painful tattoo place. Men and women get desirable tattoos on their bellies. You can have any type of tattoo design on your stomach. According to our experience, people tend to have tattoos on their stomachs related to wealth and money.

Stomach Tattoo (Belly Tattoo)

12. Back Tattoos

Any tattoo design on your back has an extra deep meaning that you are carrying something on your back. Maybe it is something from memories, inner guilt, or an experience.

Also, people get upper and lower back tattoos to show their mindset or goals. In other words, there are many tattoo designs and meaningful possibilities for the upper back and lower back area. Moreover, back tattoos don’t hurt much.

Back Tattoos

Lower Back Tattoos

13. Tattoos On Hip / Ass

As we experienced, only females are crazy about getting tattoos on the ass. It also means that hip tattoos show feminity. Fortunately, the skin of the ass does not hurt much while tattooing and increases sex appeal.

Some ladies get big-sized tattoos on the side hip above the thighs and small tattoos on the ass skin. In short, the ass or hip is the least painful and one of the best places to get small or big tattoos.

Tattoos On Hip Ass

14. Inner And Outer Thigh Tattoos

Tattoo placement has a major part in defining deep tattoo meanings. Inner and outer thighs are perfect for a secret or intimate tattoo. Tattooing on my thighs hurts very little. You can bear its pain easily.

Romantic and sexy women get thigh tattoos. They reveal their high tattoos only to their partners. Thigh tattoos show the hidden desires and passionate feelings of women.

Inner And Outer Thigh Tattoos

15. Calves Tattoos

Calves are also another famous skin area to get symbols tattoos. But very few people get tattoos on calves. Also, getting tattoos on calves hurts very much. According to us, calves are not the best option for tattoo placement.

Calves Tattoos

16. Tattoo On Foot / Ankle

Getting tattoos on the ankle or foot hurts so much if you don’t use our numbing creams for tattoos. Most travelers get tattoos on their feet to have great traveling luck. So, they can cross every obstacle.

Tattoo On Ankle

Tattoo On Foot

Tattoo Placement Chart With Pain Level

Tattoo Placement Chart With Pain


The bottom line is so simple. If you want a tattoo on your specific body part, go ahead and get your tattoo. Yes, you’ll feel some pain, but that pain is temporary. Fortunately, you’ll feel no pain in tattooing sessions after using our recommended tattoo numbing creams.

We hope that our tattoo placement chart proves to be helpful for you. So, share this amazing information with your friends and family to appreciate our team’s work. Moreover, you can ask us further questions about tattoos. You can explore our blog to find tattoo designs with meanings.
Stay Blessed!

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