Arrow Tattoo Meaning (+75 New Trending Designs) [2024]

Arrows have become famous for their unique designs and meanings. Way back when in war, people used arrows as a cannon. Nowadays, people are not using the arrow as a weapon or getting a tattoo because of its meaning. Arrow tattoos have various means that make the design special and impressive. The arrow tattoo meaning describes positivity, protection, attachment, struggle, and triumph.

In simple words, arrow tattoos mean to rely on society, fashion, and kind of design. Above all, some arrow tattoos goal a new beginning and the right guide in life. In other words, the arrow was also a sign of calmness and different intellectual ideas. Also, you will see unique ideas for your arrow tattoo in this article.

History Of The Arrow Tattoo

Arrow tattoos have been found approximately for hundreds of years. First-time American people have arrow tattoos on their bodies. They symbolized survival tools for hunting. These arrow tattoo meaning represent concepts of fight, enthusiasm, and dreaming.

Furthermore, many Societies that exist all around the world use them to describe agreement, war, and power. Since the 1950s, people have been getting arrow tattoos in the Sailor Jerry style. Today, many new arrow styles have been created. But Sailor Jerry started this trend.

Some Popular Meanings Of Arrow Tattoo

Every arrow tattoo design has different meanings in different cultures. Some deep meanings of an arrow tattoo are below.

  • Friendship
  • Positivity
  • Security
  • Passion
  • Forcing forward
  • Masculinity
  • Achievement

Famous Designs Of Arrow Tattoo

Mostly, people get tattoos for a stylish look and search for famous designs. Remember, some things not to do before getting a tattoo. We share some trending designs below:

Cracked Arrow

Some people will get this arrow tattoo because of its cool looks. In addition, the cracked tattoo can describe the mental situation of the person. Also, the crack arrow tattoo meaning is a sign of new beginnings.

Package Of Arrows

One arrow can easily smash, but the package of the arrow is difficult to break. These arrow tattoo meaning usually symbolize power.

Arrow With Feather

A feather is the symbol of consistency between humans and the natural world. On the other hand, feathers on an arrow are a sign of remembrance of passing someone.

One Only Arrow

A single arrow describes protection from damage. It can also be used as a sign of direction. These types of arrows can have unlimited designs that inspire people. Moreover, it’s a mark of your struggle in life to achieve success and is also called an independent arrow tattoo.

Bow With Arrow

A bow with an arrow tattoo meaning can represent the zodiac sign Sagittarius. On the other hand, it shows a positive point of view on life. An arrow standing dragged back on the bow moves from darkness to straight forward into new and cheerful things.

Matching Couples Arrows

These arrow tattoos are an excellent form to represent love and dedication to someone. Furthermore, couples tell the people they are together by getting the matching arrow tattoo.

Colorful Arrows

This type of arrow with watercolor newly popped up in demand. Everyone likes to get it because the meaning has more passion, power, and capability. This type of colorful arrow design gives an attractive contrast.

Dimensional Arrows

Arrows with direct lines and sharp angles are known as dimensional tattoos. Therefore, these angles and arrows are the perfect matches for each other for creating dimensional arrow designs.

Attach And Push Arrows

Stick and poke tattoos, whether created at home or by a tattoo artist in a studio, typically look their best on subjects that are straightforward, quick to complete, and of a limited size. That’s why, arrows are an excellent choice for a attach and push design, especially since they are quite simple to create and are easily recognized even when done imperfectly.

Best Placements Of Arrow Tattoo

The best placements for an arrow tattoo are as follows:

  • Wrist
  • Ankle or foot
  • Chest
  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Side Of The Body

We hope you find our work helpful and get a perfect arrow tattoo meaning and idea. So, please share this article with your friends and family. Remember that our team is here to guide you to solve your problem with tattoos. Also, you can ask us further questions in the comment section below.

Stay Blessed!

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