Kintaro Tattoo Meaning (Authentic Information & History)[2024]

Understanding the true meaning of a tattoo is very important before getting it on your body. There is no doubt that you are here to look for Kintaro tattoo meaning. Therefore, we have written this article to explain every bit of the Kintaro tattoos. Most importantly, we worked hard to get true and authentic information and describe it in simple words.

Kintaro Tattoo Meaning

We found many types of tattooing art in every part of the world. But unlike others, Japanese tattoo art shows its culture in its distinctive tattoo art. Plus, they usually use signs of dragons, samurai, koi fish, and Buddhism to represent power and greatness. Similarly, Kintaro is an ancient hero like Sheeva and Goro. Therefore, people get Kintaro tattoos because Kintaro meaning. Remember, the best numbing creams help you get tattoos without feeling pain.

Koi colorful Tattoo

Kintaro Tattoo Meaning With History

Kintaro’s tattoo was derived from a legendary boy of the tenth century. The reason is his immense potential and unbelievable strength. In some languages, people called him “Golden Boy”. Kintaro was raised in a jungle by an old woman and was able to talk with animals. Even in his childhood, he could suppress a monstrous koi fish. Also, he became a samurai and helped people.

Kintaro Tattoo Picture

On the other hand, their fight incident is celebrated yearly as Boy’s Day in Japan and China. People fly the Koi and Japanese traditional koi tattoo banners on this festival day. Moreover, they wish their kids to be brave, powerful, and a protector like Kintaro.

Kintaro Koi Tattoo On Arm

Koi Fish Tattoo Meaning With History

That koi is also a sign of power and determination. Further, koi fish is not just an ordinary vivid fish but the king of freshwater fish. As stated in some ancient books, the koi would have become a dragon if they succeeded in ascending the waterfall on the Yellow River. In simple words, the black and grey koi fish tattoo means strength and dares to aim for high goals as upstream is not a regular task to do.

Koi Tattoo On Back


People get Kintaro tattoos on their bodies to show the strength, luck, and bravery to achieve any target. Kintaro is usually drawn as a little naked kid with red skin who wrestles with an enormous koi fish. All these tattoos show different scenes of Kintaro’s wrestling with koi fish. For example, Kintaro is controlling koi fish with his hands or riding on the back of koi fish in some tattoos. However, the energy level and curiosity in these Kintaro tattoos are the same. That is why the Kintaro tattoo is so famous among everyone.

Kintaro Tattoo On Front

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