How Long To Keep Second Skin On Tattoo? (By Tattooists) [2024]

As we are guessing, you have got a new tattoo or plan to get one. Obviously, everyone wants tattoos on their body to look different and cool. But remember, you need little after tattoo care for the best result of your tattoo session. It helps to get a perfectly healed tattoo. Therefore, most tattoo artists wrap newly tattooed skin with a second skin. However, the question is, “how long to keep second skin on tattoo?” or “how long to leave saniderm on tattoo?”.

You have to understand the question first. It means the second skin or saniderm bandage that your tattoo artist wrapped on your tattooed skin is not the main thing to discuss. But the other saniderm tattoo bandage that you have to cover your skin after removal of the first saniderm in the night or after the first night’s sleep. Therefore, we have briefly discussed how to use saniderm tattoo wrap, how long to keep second skin on tattoo? or how long to leave saniderm on tattoo? in this article below.

Before we come to the main point, let us share basic details about the second skin:

What Is A Second Skin?

A second skin or saniderm is a synthetic transparent bandage initially made to protect wounds from dust and germs. On the other hand, it has become popular because of its use in new tattoo care. Simply put, a second skin after tattoo helps heal naturally without environmental interference. Also, you call it saniderm too.

How Does Second Skin Works?

As we know, the best tattoo numbing creams make your tattoo session painless. After getting a tattoo, your body starts to heal itself. As tattoo healing takes a few days, the second skin stops germs, bacteria, and dust to prevent disturbance in the healing process. Also, the second skin makes peeling off the stage easy.

But remember, you have to follow other instructions instead of depending only on the saniderm. For example, avoid excess sweating or direct sunlight on tattooed skin and do not immerse it in the water. Moreover, you can use a sunscreen lotion SPF 50 on tattooed skin and avoid using anti-itch cream for a few days.

How To Use Second Skin/Saniderm?

When a tattoo session ends, the tattooist wraps your tattooed skin. At that time, you don’t have to use a second skin by yourself. Besides, you should know how to use second skin. Luckily, a second skin is easy to apply and remove.

Ensure your newly tattooed skin is clean before applying a second skin bandage. First, cut a second skin bandage according to your new tattoo’s size. You should cut out the second skin layer one inch extra from all sides. Next, remove the plastic from the second skin and put its adhesive side on the tattooed skin. At last, peel off the back paper of the saniderm tattoo wrap. Remember, there should not be air bubbles inside the saniderm bandage.

How Long To Leave Saniderm On Tattoo?

There are multiple answers to how long to leave saniderm on a tattoo! For example, the period of using a second skin depends on the condition of the newly tattooed skin. Therefore, every tattoo artist gives different instructions about using a second skin and aftercare routine.

Fortunately, we are here to guide you with the answer to “how long to keep a second skin on a tattoo?”. The saniderm bandage that your tattoo artist wrapped on your tattooed skin needs to remove after the first night’s sleep. Because newly tattooed skin bleeds more on the first day after getting a tattoo as we experienced. As a result, you have to replace the second skin bandage with the new second skin bandage after cleaning the dry plasma and tattoo ink from the skin.

Now, let’s discuss the real point of this topic. The second skin wrap you put on your newly tattooed skin needs to remain on the tattooed skin for a few days. Keeping the second skin on the tattoo should be 5-6 days. Meanwhile, we found the second skin can be removed by itself because of excess movement of the tattooed body part.

Most importantly, do not keep a saniderm wrap on the tattoo for over a week. You can remove the second skin from the tattooed skin after 3-4 days, but the best period to keep the second skin on tattoos or answer “how long to leave saniderm on tattoo?” is 5-6 days.

Second Skin On Tattoo

Benefits Of Using A Second Skin Layer

  • A saniderm for tattoos works as an insulated shield against water to take a shower without worrying.
  • Also, it is breathable which is super important for healthy skin.
  • Using a second skin layer reduces the chances of infection by stopping the entrance of germs and bacteria in newly tattooed skin.
  • Moreover, the saniderm wrap does not slide on the skin, no matter how loose or tight clothes you wear.
  • Further, you can cut out for your tiny or big tattoo.
  • Last but not least, you can relax and focus on your work or any task even after getting a new tattoo as we did.

How To Remove Second Skin?

There is always dry blood and tattoo ink between the saniderm bandage and tattooed skin. Some people are scared after seeing it, but it is normal. Before removing the second skin, check the condition of the second skin. In simple words, saniderm removal is easy with warm water.

Remember, pulling the saniderm tattoo wrap can break your newly healed tattoo skin layer. Also, it can ruin the healing process and cause extreme pain. So, we recommend trying to remove the second skin from the side. If the second skin is removed easily, you can remove all the second skin layers comfortably.

On the other hand, you can use warm water on the second skin to reduce its adhesiveness for saniderm removal. Plus, redness on normal skin around the tattooed skin is usual. Most importantly, wash the newly healed tattoo skin with the best tattoo soaps after removing the second skin. Moreover, only use a paper towel to clean the tattooed skin. Further, wash your newly healed tattooed skin once a day for almost two weeks.

Removal Of Second Skin From Tattoo

Hopefully, you would like this article on the topic of how long to keep second skin on tattoo and appreciate the work that we did. Also, you can check out our other tattoo-related articles or share this with your friends and family to help them in their aftercare routine after getting a new tattoo. Moreover, you can contact us anytime in the comment section for any help on tattoos.
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Chloe Arthur

Chloe Arthur

Hi, I’m Chloe, a passionate tattoo artist who has been creating stunning tattoos since 2013. Through my blog posts, I aim to provide valuable information and tips on tattoo styles, aftercare, and everything you need to know about getting and maintaining beautiful tattoos.

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  1. Does using a second skin help keep the colors bright and avoid peeling? So, when you remove the second-second skin your work on the tat is basically over except for bathing it daily. Can the after care soap just be an anti bacterial soap? I have some left-over anti bacterial soap used prior to surgery will that work? Does an anti-bacterial soap cause the colors to fade? When you use paper towel do you basically blot the tat? Thanks Great article.

    • You can use the normal anti bacterial soap if it meets all the characteristics of the best tattoo soap. For example, the anti bacterial soap should be Unscented. Also, the answer to your last question is that smoothly tap paper towel on the tattooed skin instead of blotting it roughly.


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