Can You Workout After Getting A Tattoo? (Tattooist Advice) [2024]

What can be more awesome than having a muscular tattooed body? Nothing, we know. Suppose you are a real fitness freak and a tattoo lover, too. And you plan to get a beautiful tattoo design on your attractive body. The reason can be the deep meanings of tattoos, or you want to look sexier. Then, in this case, the question is, CAN YOU WORKOUT AFTER GETTING A TATTOO?

Before we answer this question further in this article, let us remind you that tattoo is a permanent art and will stay forever with you. Therefore, you should not compromise in the tattoo healing process. You have to follow a few aftercare instructions, including taking a break from the workout after getting a tattoo.

Let’s come straight to the point:

Working Out After Tattooing Session – Good Idea Or Bad Decision?

The following points can help you understand whether a workout after getting a tattoo is good or bad:

1. Wounds

Whenever we get injured in an accident, we take care of our wounds until they fully heal. Similarly, we need to take care of our tattooed skin area until the tattoo-healing process is complete. In simple words, tattooed skin is also open wounded skin. The tattoo machine pierces the skin at the micro level to fill tattoo ink.

However, you don’t feel pain when getting tattoos using the best tattoo numbing creams. Yes, it is true. These naturally made tattoo creams numb your skin for a couple of hours. So, you can get your tattoo with comfort and ease.

Working Out After Tattooing Session

2. Stretching

Doing any stretches or heavy work can prolong the healing process. We have found most people impatient after getting tattoos as they immediately show off their new tattoos to everyone. Displaying your tattooed body is not bad at all, but taking the tattoo healing process offhand is very bad.

3. Sweating

No matter in what environment you are working out, you will sweat. In other words, everybody sweats while working out in hot and cold weather. Sweating can easily damage your new tattoo and tattoo ink that tattoo. Sweating with a new tattoo is one of the biggest things you must avoid during tattoo healing.

Sweating With A New Tattoo

4. Germs

Despite covering the new tattoo with a saniderm wrap, germs on the gym equipment can infect your new tattoo. No doubt, germs, and bacteria can enter your skin quickly if the saniderm wrap gets loose during the workout. Because a gym becomes full of germs and bacteria when many people come to work out.

5. Gym Outfit

Everybody goes to the gym in a tight and fitting outfit. Almost no one likes to wear loose clothes in the gym as muscle cuts don’t appear when wearing a loose outfit. But wearing a tight outfit can scratch your newly tattooed skin. In short, it can hurt and trouble your tattoo healing process.


Wait until your skin completely heals, then do whatever you want. Fortunately, depending on size, a new tattoo heals within a few days or two weeks. Tattoo aftercare is so much easier with a few proper guidelines. If you take care of your new tattoo and skip your workout routine during the tattoo healing process, your tattoo design will look perfect and increase your beauty for life.

If the tattoo design is not too big and you want to work out after getting that tattoo. Then, you should work out only on specific muscles that won’t stretch or squeeze your new tattoo. Try not to lose your tattoo wrap and sweat with a new tattoo. For example, if you have a tattoo on your arms, doing your legs workout will not affect your arms.

Workout With New Tattoo

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