Prevent Tattoo Cracking And Drying (Heal Your New Tattoo)[2024]

You can damage your new tattoo design on your body during the tattoo healing process. Many people get side effects or other skin issues because of little mistakes. But there is no need to go crazy about it. You only have to take care of the following points to prevent tattoo cracking and drying.

Because of our tattooing profession, we know how to prevent tattoo cracking and drying. New tattoo cracking annoys you and keeps you in tension as it should. However, a cracked skin tattoo or scabbing on tattoos is normal and can heal in time. On the other hand, we have cured so many skin conditions in the past few years. Therefore, we will briefly discuss how to prevent skin reactions after tattooing or healing tattoos without getting side effects.

Let us get started:

What Is the Tattoo Cracking Process?

Having scabs on the skin is part of the tattoo healing process. Remember, the newly tattooed skin is an open wound. Also, the only way to heal the tattoo is by scabbing it off naturally. The scabs become very tight on dry skin, and this condition is called tattoo cracking.

What Is the Tattoo Drying Process?

In simple words, tattoo drying is the drying state of the skin. When you do not moisturize the skin enough, it causes massive cracking. Also, you can face excess bleeding. Ensure your skin scabs off properly and does not dry in the process.

Reasons For Tattoo Cracking And Drying

There are many reasons for new tattoos cracking and drying, and we have covered all of them. These reasons are the following:

1. Big Solid Scabs On Your New Tattooed Skin

Only a few people with new tattoos do not get scabs. Meanwhile, the bulk of people get slight scabbing on the tattooed skin. Also, the scabbing during the healing process is quite normal.

Nothing to worry about if you have a solid scab on your new tattoo. The solid scab only prolongs the healing process a bit. Moreover, you can feel little pain if you have a solid scab on the big tattoo. You can use the tattoo numbing spray to reduce pain. Further, the tattoo will heal with proper aftercare.

2. Extra Dry Skin Or Dehydration

You have to keep moisturizing your skin for a healthy tattoo. It helps to give a shiny look to your tattooed skin. Also, people with dry skin need extra moisturizing care.

Otherwise, you can face new tattoo cracking and drying, prolonging the healing process. Luckily, many tattoo tanning lotions and moisturizers prevent your tattoo from cracking and drying.

3. Infected Tattoo

Bad tattoo wrapping cannot protect the tattoo from germs attacks. Also, the tattoo will be infected. Therefore, a professional tattoo artist uses tattoo numbing cream before tattooing and wraps the newly tattooed skin with good hygiene after the session ends.

4. Not Following Your Tattooist’s Instruction

The instructions for tattoo aftercare can vary in different tattoo studios. It is not just because every tattoo artist gives unique recommendations, but every tattoo does not need the same guidelines.
In short, do not follow anybody’s aftercare guidelines. Just follow your tattoo artist’s tips for a healthy tattoo.

5. Washing The Tattooed Skin With Sponge

Keep away the sponge from the newly tattooed skin. In other words, please do not use a sponge or any harmful material on the tattoo until it heals. Therefore, you can only wash your new tattoo with soft antibacterial tattoo soap and warm water.

6. Plunging The Tattoo Into Water

Do not dip your body or tattoo area into the water during the tattoo healing. You have to avoid using the bathtub and a long shower.

7. Drying The Tattoo With A Towel

After getting a tattoo, you cannot use a regular towel on the skin. Also, use a paper towel to dry out newly tattooed skin.

8. Wearing Tight Clothes

Only wear breathable loose clothes during the tattoo healing process because the tight clothes add pressure on the newly tattooed skin, which can lead to excess bleeding. Also, the moisture level of the skin will be disturbed.

9. Touching The Tattooed Skin

After getting an attractive tattoo on the body, everyone wants to touch and feel it. We can’t deny that the feeling of touching the tattoo is phenomenal.

But remember, you can only touch your tattoo while washing until it heals. Most importantly, do not let anybody touch your new tattoo during the healing process except the tattoo artist. The bacteria and germs can transfer to the tattoo due to excess touching and cause infection.

10. Pulling Scabs

Let this tattoo healing process complete in which scabs fall off naturally. Also, the act of pulling scabs can remove the tattoo ink. Therefore, do not pull the scabs to maintain the tattoo design.

11. Scratching The Tattooed Skin

You can feel itchiness during the tattoo healing and want to scratch the scab or tattoo skin very badly. However, the scratching can damage the tattoo design and leave spots on the skin.

Moreover, you have to control yourself during this phase. Hence, it is not that difficult. After its end, you can freely enjoy your tattoo art without issues.

scratching the tattooed skin

12. Direct Sunlight

You cannot take this point lightly. Avoid the direct sunlight on the new tattoo. Always cover the new tattoo when going outside. Also, take the shady routes to go anywhere.

Adapt this routine to your life. In other words, it will keep your skin safe from skin cancer. Because the strong UV rays can make the skin vulnerable.

13. Too Much Ointment

You can use multiple products for tattoo aftercare. But excess use of anything is bad for tattoo health. Use the ointment once after every dry cleaning of the tattoo. Also, use ointment 3-4 times in the peeling phase if needed. Make sure your hands are clean while putting the ointment on a tattoo.

14. Workout With New Tattoo

The tattoo is a marvelous body art that enhances your beauty. If you start stretching your body during the tattoo healing process. The tattoo cracking will happen because of muscle mobility. Also, it will permanently damage the tattoo design. Therefore, stay away from the gym to prevent your tattoo from cracking and drying.

workout with new tattoo

15. Shaving The Newly Tattooed Skin

No matter whether you are a girl or a boy, do not shave on newly tattooed skin. As we know, the newly tattooed skin is an open wound. That is why shaving can prolong the healing procedure or damage the tattooed skin.

Also, tattooed skin gets scabs during healing, and you cannot shave the skin in this phase. Both reasons are enough to avoid shaving the skin until the cracked tattooed skin heals.

16. Swimming With New Tattoo

We always love to go on swimming adventures on summer vacations. Especially with a new tattoo, who will stay away from the swimming pool? But you cannot enjoy swimming until the tattoo heals.

Keep in mind the germs & harmful chemicals in the swimming pool’s water can infect the new tattoo. Also, a lot of water can damage the tattoo ink. You must keep these things in mind to prevent your tattoo from cracking and drying.

tattoo scabbing

How To Prevent Your New Tattoo From Cracking And Drying?

There are a few things to keep in mind to prevent your new tattoo from cracking and drying, which are the following:

1. Do Not Touch Or Scratch The Scab

Avoid touching the new tattoo. Also, do not let anybody touch the tattoo. Excess touch can transfer the germs that cause infection. The scabs will fall off naturally in the tattoo healing process. Therefore, there is no need to interact with a tattoo or cracked tattoo during the healing procedure.

2. Regular Tattoo Cleaning

Wash your hands with antibacterial soap before cleaning the new or cracked tattoo. Remember, you must clean the tattoo regularly to reduce dry blood or plasma. Also, you cannot clean the tattoo completely on the first attempt. Moreover, always use mild soap with warm water to clean the new tattoo.


3. Moisturise Properly

The good moisturization helps to give the tattoo a shiny and healthy look. Also, it helps in fast recovery. You can moisturize the skin after the blood oozing stops. Moreover, do not apply moisturizer or lotion on the new tattoo during scabbing to prevent tattoo bubbling. But always use a thick layer of tattoo lotion on the tattoo.

4. Always Use A Thin Layer Of Healing Ointment

You can let the tattoo air dry or use a paper towel to dry it yourself. Do not use Vaseline or another regular ointment except petroleum jelly-based ointment. It helps to heal cracked tattoos and protect the tattoo at the same time.

5. Avoid Dehydration And Maintain A Healthy Food Plan

The proper nutrition can solve 99.9% of skin issues. There is no doubt about natural food and green vegetables. Also, fast or junk food does not contain vitamins, antioxidants, or skin-beneficial ingredients. Moreover, drink water on time to prevent dehydration. In short, keep your daily eating routine clean.

tattoo drying

How To Take Care Of A Cracked Tattoo?

In case, your new tattoo cracking is happening because for any reason. Do not worry about it. You can treat it by following these simple guidelines:

  • Apply the tattoo lotion on the cracked tattoos three times daily. Make sure your hands are clean with antibacterial soap when using lotion.
  • Cover the tattoo and avoid sunlight.
  • Also, drink a lot of water. It prevents the tattoo from cracking and drying.
  • If you find any chances of infection. Then, get a check-up of your new tattoo from a certified skin doctor.
  • Do not scratch the new or cracked tattoo whether you feel itchiness or not.

tattoo cracking

What Is Tattoo Dry Healing Process?

Tattoo healing without using lotions, creams, or ointments is called tattoo dry healing. In other words, you must air dry your tattoo during this process. Also, you have to clean the tattoo with antibacterial soap and warm water in the same way.

Should I Dry Heal A Tattoo?

There are pros and cons to everything. We found two major points of tattoo dry healing methods to help you, which are the following:

Benefit Of Dry Healing A Tattoo

This process does not use lotions, ointments, and creams. This means no artificial or allergic ingredients are used in this method. Also, some of these ingredients can cause skin cancer with long-lasting use. You can call it the natural healing process of the tattoo.

The Disadvantage Of Dry Healing A Tattoo

The lotion or any healing product reduces the itchiness and irritation in the ordinary tattoo healing process. Besides, you must control yourself to avoid scratching or rubbing on the new or cracked tattoo.

Your skin can face a shortage of moisture. The scabbing on dry skin may result in the tattoo look after the healing process is over.

Difference Between Dry Healing And Wrap Healing Of A Tattoo

As we know, the tattoo always stays covered in the wrapper in wrap healing. Besides, dry healing takes place in the open air. But both processes do not depend on any moisturizer. The only difference in both processes is the lymphatic liquid oozing. In other words, the lymphatic fluid oozes out in wrap healing but not in dry healing of a tattoo.


How Do I Stop My Tattoo From Cracking?

The use of lotion or moisturizer will not be a problem. You can feel little pain during it. But over usage of the tattoo lotion can open closed pores. That can cause excess bleeding and irritation.

Why Is My Tattoo Dry And Cracking?

The tattoo drying or cracking happens because of a lack of moisture. When you do not eat healthily or drink water properly, it happens. Also, not covering the tattoo can be the reason for tattoo drying and cracking.

Can You Moisturize A Tattoo Too Much?

In short, the answer is no. The over-moisturizing can disturb the tattoo ink in the skin. You have to use an ointment to protect the tattoo at the start of the healing process. After it, you can use lotion in normal quantities.

How Often Should You Moisturize A Tattoo?

On average, you can moisturize the tattoo three times a day.

Should I Worry About My Tattoo Cracking?

There is nothing to worry about tattoo cracking. You can treat it well with few guidelines. Also, you have to avoid some mistakes that do more harm to the tattoo.

Why Is My Tattoo Cracking And Bleeding?

The scabs can tear the upper layer of the tattoo because of extra dryness. Thus, you can face tattoo cracking and excess bleeding.

Why Does My Tattoo Hurt When I Put Lotion On It?

Your new tattoo is an open wound. That is why it needs healing. The lotion can cause little pain until the newly tattooed skin heals. Also, it is quite normal in the healing process. But make sure you do not over moisturize a tattoo.

Why Do Old Tattoos Not Crack?

The old tattoos already go through the peeling and scabbing phases. Also, the ink in old tattoos gets fixed on the skin. Therefore, there are no chances of old tattoos cracking.

tattoo infection


We have all the highlights and little points to guide your tattoo healing process. These will help to prevent your tattoo from cracking and drying. In short, do not disturb the tattoo and have a healthy diet plan with a lot of water. In case you are facing both issues before reaching us. Then, we also told you how to take care of your cracked tattoo.

You have to follow all these things and avoid the reasons for new tattoos cracking and drying. Also, these external scabs and peeling can damage the outcome of the tattoo because of your irresponsibility. However, there is nothing to worry about scabbing if you let this tattoo healing pass out naturally.

We did not cover anything related to tattoo cracking and drying in our article. Moreover, the scabbing and peeling phases are part of the healing procedure. Just take care of all these points to get a healthy and sexy tattoo on your body with comfort.

After ending your tattoo healing process, enjoy and show off your newly tattooed skin to the world. You can comment in the section below for further questions. Please share our article with friends to help them with tattoo healing.
Thank You!

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