Peony Tattoo Meaning (117 Best Japanese Flower Tattoos)[2024]

Flower tattoos are the perfect combination of the feminine traits of flowers with the strong character of tattoos. Sometimes, tattoo artists add flowers to a tattoo design to make the tattoo more elegant and pleasant. Every civilization has its perspective to see anything. Therefore, peony tattoo meaning is different in every region of the world.

To find the peony tattoo meaning, we dug deep into the history of peony flowers Japanese tattoo designs. We explored every peony tattoo in traditional Japanese tattoos, Asian tattoos, and modern tattoos. As a result, our tattoo artist team presents the peony flower tattoo meaning to you with a big collection of 117 Japanese peony meaning tattoos in this article.

Peony Flower Tattoo Meaning – Asian & Traditional Japanese Peony Tattoos

Peony Flowers

Remember, peony flowers are the 7th most beautiful flowers in the world. Therefore, peony flowers are the first choice of gardeners when planting a new garden anywhere. Also, peony flowers and peony flower tattoos have been with us for thousands of years.

On the other hand, China produces most of the peony flowers in the world. There are nearly 30-40 known species and thousand categories in peony flowers. Moreover, every species of peony flower has different colors and smells differently. So, we can choose peony flowers of any color, like pink, white, red, yellow, purple, etc.

People usually buy cut peony flowers and peony bouquets to give to someone. No one can oppose the beauty and delightful smell of peony flowers and their tattoos. Luckily, the best numbing cream for tattoos helps you get new tattoos without feeling pain. However, peony flowers are only obtainable in early summer and late spring. Further, they bloom for 7-10 days.

Last but not least, peony flower extract is used to remove muscle cramps. Plus, peony flowers are used in medicine because of their healing properties. Therefore, people see the peony flower as a health symbol.

Different Species Of Peony Flowers

History Of Peony Flower Tattoos

In Greek mythology, two theories explain the origin of peony flowers. The first theory is Paeon Myth. According to it, Paeon was a young herbalist. He was studying with the assistance of Aesculapius, the god of healing.

However, Paoen presented the peony flower roots as the healer for reducing the pain of childbirth. As a result, his idea worked. But Aesculapius got jealous and wanted to kill Paeon. Therefore, Zeus made Paeon a peony flower to save Paeon’s life.

traditional peony tattoo for body

The second theory is the Paeonia Myth. According to it, Nymph and Apollo found each other attractive. So, they started flirting with each other. Meanwhile, Aphrodite was a goddess of beauty and love. When she catches Nymph flirting with Apollo, she gets jealous and makes Nymph a peony flower.

But remember, both theories are just myths, not real stories. All types of flowers are for spreading happiness and engaging people.

traditional peony tattoo

Also, there is an old incident in Chinese legends. It defines the true strength of peony flowers despite their soft look. There was a moody empress who visited her garden every day for the great smell of flowers.

One day, she ordered the gardeners to bloom every flower the next day. But peony flowers have not bloomed, and she gets angry. So, she ordered gardeners to shift the peony flowers in the coldest area of her kingdom.

Surprisingly, peony flowers survived despite the low temperature. Then, the empress was impressed and took back peony flowers in her garden. The one thing that everyone learns from this is that peony flowers look fragile but can outlive any human.

Meaning Of Tattoos

Peony tattoos represent good luck, money, and accomplishment. It is also a sign of delicacy, elegance, and the fleeting nature of life. You may start thinking that these lines are different from each other and yet are the meaning of peony tattoos.

In simple words, peonies tattoo symbolizes the one simple rule that every noble achievement demands considerable risks. Peony flowers can survive bad weather and low temperatures and even outlive the ordinary life period of humans.

Mostly, peony tattoos are the favorite of females. Peony flower tattoos bring beauty to the body, joy, happiness in life, and kindness to the heart. Moreover, peony tattoos symbolize the inner potential to achieve a goal.

traditional tattoo of peonies

Tattoo Types

There can be many types of peony flower tattoos in every region. But the most famous is Japanese peony tattoo designs. Also, traditional, simple, and Asian tattoos have peony tattoos.

In the past, people used to have red and pink peony tattoos. However, people get white, orange, blue, and many other colorful tattoos of peony flowers in modern days. In short, we can get any design and color of peony tattoos as the peony flower tattoo meaning remains the same.

geometric tattoo of peony flower

Peony Flower Tattoo Designs

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