Fox Tattoo Meaning (History, Traits & Design Ideas)[2024]

The tradition of getting tattoos is very ancient and shared history with half of the human race. When anybody talks about fox tattoos or fox tattoos meaning, that tattoo is the female variant. Also, there are multiple fox tattoo meanings in different cultures worldwide. Therefore, some tribes worship her, and some people want to have abilities like her.

As we researched fox tattoo meaning and fox tattoo designs, we found that history has given foxes many ranks in various fables. For example, we can talk about Native American tricksters or Japanese kitsune. But one thing that is common in all the legends of foxes is the similar natural capabilities of foxes and the same fox tattoo meaning.

Meaning Of Fox Tattoos In All Over The World

History Of Fox

In old stories, Romanian people believed that the fox was an angel of hell. In simple words, the fox guides spirits on Earth at midnight time. Russian and Ukrainian legends tell us the tempting and cunning nature of foxes. Also, the kings of old Egypt and Greece believed in the fox’s natural powers and outlawed the hunt of the fox.

Moreover, religions including Christianity and Judaism told tales of foxes. At the beginning of Christianity, the fox became an evil sign, and fox hunting started. However, the ban on fox hunting is not entirely applied. Remember, people in ancient times get tattoos through a painful procedure. Luckily, we have the best tattoo numbing cream that we use today to get tattoos without feeling pain.


Kitsune Tattoo Meaning

Kitsune is a Japanese word that means fox. In Japanese religion, kitsune is a witty animal with shapeshifting power to manipulate people. Also, kitsune loves unconditionally and is loyal to their companion partner. However, a little deception is always there in kitsune behavior.

Remember, a kitsune can have one to nine tails as a kitsune becomes stronger with age. A kitsune gains a tail and changes color after every hundred years. When a kitsune gets nine tails, the kitsune becomes a silvery-white celestial kitsune. These types of kitsune are called Kami or Inari.

Moreover, a fox can change into a girl after fifty years and a woman after a hundred years. Similarly, a fox of thousands of years of age becomes a heavenly creature (Chien Hu) that can transform into any human with her power. Further, Japanese people of the Shinto religion believe that kami is a messenger spirit from heaven. But kami can be good or evil.

nine tail kitsune

Native American Trickster

In legends, the fox is a native American trickster who can trick any hunter or human with her playfulness and cleverness. In simple words, a fox can easily find food without getting caught. No matter what type of trap a hunter sets up, a fox can always find a way out of the problem. In short, a fox sees every situation in a way that no one can.

native american trickster

Nature Of Fox

Many people in China believe there can not be a village where foxes don’t live. In other words, any sign of a fox in a place confirms a healthy environment. A fox as a wild animal, is a very elusive and frugal carnivore. Most importantly, it is nearly impossible to deceive a fox. Therefore, the hunters and even we cannot see a fox easily.

Old stories about foxes aimed to show intelligence and observing skills. So, the young generation can learn to survive in every situation. But people gave Fox the trickster and a seductive image. Only the people of Peru realized the true potential of foxes. That is why they called foxes the greatest warriors of psychological wars. It means a fox can win any fight with her creative mind instead of tearing her enemy apart.

fox with long tail

Importance Of Fox Tattoo

In old times, Japanese people made statues of white foxes outside temples and homes for fortune and protection. Similarly, many great businessmen and entrepreneurs have traditional fox tattoos today. Tattooing is the only way to increase the natural beauty of the body and become more miraculous than others. So, simple fox tattoos are a lucky charm to increase cleverness and a magical aura.

fox statue outside temple

Also, fox tattoos help to grow willpower and guts to withstand any condition. However, ladies get tribal fox tattoos to enhance their physicality and become more desirable. So, no man can resist their beauty. This fact about sexuality is true because a fox can make any animal fall in her lusty play. Moreover, a fox has appealing eyelashes and walks in a sensual style. Therefore, ancient people gave the “Vixen” name to the female fox and sexy lady.

beautiful fox tattoo on back


Usually, a fox tattoo is known for intelligence, trickery, unpredictable mood, and eroticism. As a result, fox tattoos have both excellent and a little bit evil characteristics and meanings. The fox tattoo brings life span and is related to gods in some religions. Most importantly, fox tattoos give survival skills to escape dangerous situations.

intelligent fox

In short, the fox tattoo or image of a fox on our body gives us multiple traits like:

  1. Cleverness
  2. Life Span
  3. Eroticism
  4. Devilry
  5. Wealth
  6. Monitoring Skills
  7. Good Luck

Meaning Differences With Tattoo Design

Red fox tattoos can be seen in red tattoo ink or cartoonish looks on people’s bodies. Nowadays, people are finding interest in realistic fox tattoos. Also, some professional tattoo artists can make a fox tattoo with your facial expressions. If you are considering getting a fox tattoo, select your fox tattoo design first for a perfect fox tattoo meaning.

standing at top

Next, select the body part of your body on which you want a fox tattoo because the fox tattoos on the perfect body part can increase the impact of the tattoo. Most importantly, the posture of foxes in tattoos represents different variations in meaning. The meaning of the 9 tailed fox tattoo and a grin tattoo describes smartness and trickery, respectively.

Fox Tattoo Design Ideas

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