Dragon Tattoo Meaning (Japanese, Asian & Female Tattoos)[2024]

Dragons are the most powerful and famous mythological beings in the world. According to legends, dragons have different abilities, and their tattoos symbolize the same traits. Also, every religion gave dragons multiple ranks. But there is one common thing every dragon is supernatural and noble. People love dragon tattoos so much that they get these tattoos without knowing the dragon tattoo meaning.

Dragon tattoo meaning also depends on the dragon, the tattoo’s color, and size. On the other hand, dragon tattoos are suitable for both men and women. We researched dragon symbol tattoos to find the real meaning behind dragon tattoos. Moreover, we discussed the meaning of dragon tattoos on women. Our team shared the best traditional dragon tattoo, Asian dragon tattoo, Chinese dragon tattoo, and Japanese dragon tattoo designs further in this article.

Dragon Tattoo Symbolism In The World

Ancient people of China made a 12th-year cycle for astrology. Each year has a zodiac sign, including a dragon. According to Chinese people, the people born in the dragon year have great qualities like being confident, trustworthy, responsible, and dedicated.

So, some Chinese people used dragons in Yin and Yang symbols. Also, you need to know that there are four claws of a dragon in Chinese tattoos.

Similarly, Japanese people believe that dragons are sensible and kind-hearted. They get small dragon tattoos in color or Irezumi style. Plus, there are three claws and no wings in Japanese dragon tattoos. Therefore, dragons look like sea snakes in Japanese-style tattoos.

Japanese Dragon

Moreover, Celtic people believe that dragons are the guardians of doors of every magical realm. They use dragon tattoos and symbols to show immense knowledge and holiness. Fortunately, we can use the best numbing creams for tattoos before tattoo sessions for a pain-free experience.

Further, the people of Europe always linked dragons with eradication and evil forces. This fact is also why we saw dragons as destructive monsters with fire powers in movies.

Asian Dragon

Some people love to get tattoos of dragon characters from their favorite movies or series. Last, examples of fictional dragons are Shenron Dragon from Dragon Ball Z anime, Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion from Game Of Thrones. In short, the dragon tattoos of these dragon characters are very popular.

Shenron in Dragon Ball

Surprisingly, we tattooed Shenron dragon back tattoos to some people who wanted to pay tribute to Dragon Ball Z anime. There is no doubt that seven Dragon Balls, Goku, and his friends in Dragon Ball Z cartoons made our childhood memorable.

Dragons In Cultures

Eastern countries associate dragons with water, and Western countries associate dragons with fire. But the truth is that dragons can be evil or virtuous. Remember, there are hundreds of dragons according to several cultures.

For example, coiling dragons, treasure dragons, celestial dragons, earth dragons, spiritual dragons, and multiple Japanese dragons. In addition, dragons can be of any color. So, if you want a dragon tattoo of specific colors, you must get it.

Meaning of Dragon Tattoos

There are some common qualities that every dragon has and can represent via dragon tattoos. In simple words, no matter what type of dragon tattoo is, it means the following characteristics:

  • Brave
  • Self-government
  • Intelligence
  • Fury
  • Power
  • Conqueror
  • Lust
  • Great Luck
  • Potential

What Does A Dragon Tattoo Mean On A Woman?

Females can get tattoos on any body part they want. For example, they get dragon tattoos on their arms and back. But we found that most ladies get dragon tattoos on their thighs and legs.

If you think tattoos affect gender differently, that’s not true at all. It means dragon tattoos have similar meanings for women. In short, Dragon tattoos on a woman means wisdom, strength, and wrath. Most importantly, dragon tattoos increase the beauty and sexuality of girls as dragon tattoos on the back make females more desirable than males.

Dragon Tattoos

Hopefully, you got to the point of dragon tattoo meaning and a full explanation of dragon tattoo symbolism in the world. If you have further questions on this topic or any tattoo-related article, you can ask us any time in the comment section. We are here to guide you in getting the best tattoo for you.

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