Tiger Tattoo Meaning (With 93 Traditional Tattoo Designs)[2024]

No matter what kind of tattoo we already have, we always want at least one animal tattoo. There are two reasons behind getting animal tattoos. Either we want an animal tattoo that resembles us, or we want to have traits of that animal. Also, we found Lion, Tigers, and Panthers are the world’s top choices for animal tattoos. But the tiger is the most famous symbol in every field, like fashion, games, etc. Therefore, we will explain the tiger tattoo meaning on this page.

Our tattooist team has visited so many countries in the past several years. We just wanted to learn more unique tattooing skills and tattooing styles. As a result, we also learned the difference in tattoo meanings among many cultures. Moreover, ancient tattoos inspired us to make unique designs, including tiger tattoos. We shared tiger tattoos meanings and the best tattoo collection below without wasting time.

Meaning Of Tiger Tattoos

There are many types of tiger tattoos, such as tribal tiger tattoos, traditional tiger tattoos, Chinese tiger tattoos, etc. Also, you can get tattoos of any tiger species, including the white, Bengal, and wild tigers.

To understand the exact meaning of tiger tattoos, we should look deeply at the tiger’s nature and its symbolism in different cultures.

Nature Of Tigers As Animals

Tigers are elegant yet deadly carnivore animals of the jungle. Tigers only wander alone, which is a sign of their self-governing behavior. Also, their natural senses help them to hunt without getting exposed. Therefore, people are not allowed to enter areas where tigers live.

Remember, tigers are dangerous but don’t kill humans without reason. We should know that tigers have the right to live like other animals. Moreover, they have sharp intelligence, strong eyesight, super speed, and muscular body. Most importantly, tiger tattoos spiritually improve our abilities. We advise you to use tattoo numbing creams that work for a painless tattoo session.

On the other hand, tigers are facing extinction for the last few years because of hunting. Further, the hunting of tigers is still not completely banned. For example, some cultures always want to kill animals, including tigers, in the name of self-protection. These cultures created the evil image of tigers and other predator animals.

Tiger Symbolism Around The World

Tigers are mighty animals and have great value in every culture, especially in Japan and Chinese. That is why you may have seen cool tiger tattoos with dragon tattoos. Also, Chinese people consider tigers as powerful spiritual animals that protect them.

Similarly, the ancient samurai of Japan had tiger tattoos on their bodies. According to Korean people, a tiger is the real emperor of the jungle. Most importantly, tiger tattoos for women are a mythological symbol of money, great luck, and resisting misfortune.

Sadly, Indian villagers believe that tigers only know about destroying everything. Moreover, their wrong ideology caused the extinction of three beautiful species of tigers. Further, even tigers in zoos need proper food and care, which is not happening.

Meaning Behind Tiger Tattoos And Symbols

Some people love to get tiger tattoos on their faces, back, and thighs, some want crawling tiger tattoos, and some want baby tiger cub tattoos. Even the expressions of the tiger in a tattoo can be aggressive or peaceful.

Also, the stripes on the tiger’s body are very famous and massively used in the fashion industry. Few people want to have these stripes as a tattoo design. However, none of these things can change the tiger tattoo meaning.

In simple words, no matter what tiger tattoo design you select, the meaning of tiger tattoos remains the same. Tiger tattoos and tiger symbols are known for some deep meanings all over the world, which are the following:

  • Dignity
  • Strength
  • Grace
  • Brutality
  • Freedom
  • Courage
  • Retribution
  • Craving
  • Threat

There are only a few people in modern times who know about the importance of animals. Even some of these people only get tiger tattoos to show respect for tigers. There is no doubt that we need to raise our voices on banning the hunting of tigers to protect wildlife.

In short, if you are thinking about getting a tiger tattoo. Then, you must get a tiger tattoo on your body.

Tiger Tattoo Ideas

1. Tiger Head Tattoo Designs

2. Tiger Tribal Tattoo Designs

3. Traditional Tiger Tattoo Designs

4. Flower And Japanese Tiger Tattoo Designs

5. Descending And Climbing Tiger Tattoo Designs

6. Crawling Tiger Tattoo Designs

7. Baby Tiger Or Cub Tattoo Designs

8. Crowned Tiger Tattoo Designs

9. Tiger Stripes Tattoo Designs

10. White Bengal Tiger Tattoo Designs

11. Tiger Eyes Tattoo Designs

12. Chinese Tiger Tattoo Designs

13. Other Tiger Tattoo Designs

We hope you understand the meaning of tiger tattoos and a few inspirations for your tiger tattoo. If you like this article, share it with everyone. Also, you can ask us further questions in the comment section below.
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