Snake Tattoo Meaning (Symbolism & 99 Snake Tattoos)[2024]

Snake tattoos are the only ones we can see with any other tattoo. In simple words, there are unlimited tattoo designs worldwide, and we can add any tattoo element to them. Yet, snake tattoos are used to make those tattoos deep and meaningful. Also, some people like to get a combination of two tattoos, in which one tattoo is always a snake tattoo. Now, you may be thinking about the snake tattoo meaning.

Snake tattoo symbolism is different in every religion and every culture of the world. We researched for months to find the answer to what a snake tattoo means. As a result, our tattooist team got to the conclusion and shared snake tattoo meanings with an explanation. Moreover, we have shared the 99 best snake meaning tattoo designs for you below on this page.

Snake Tattoo Symbolism In Mythology And Religions

Snakes and snake tattoos have been a part of every legend and old story. Also, some ancient people believed snakes were evil, and some said snakes were virtuous. But remember, whether snakes are good or bad, they are invincible.

In Christianity, ancient people told the story of a snake luring Eve to eat the restricted fruit. In other words, God created Adam and Eve and allowed them to have whatever from the Garden of Eden except for one banned fruit. But because of the snake’s fascination, Eve ate that fruit, and the sin began.

Ouroboros is a famous Egyptian sign of rebirth and eternal life. In this sign, a serpent tattoo means eats itself.  Moreover, Ouroboros tattoos are very famous too. Fortunately, we can use the best tattoo numbing cream for a painless procedure before tattooing. Further, early people of Africa and America had a theory. According to that theory, snakes have some part in making the universe. Therefore, those people associated rattlesnakes with lightning and rain.

On the other hand, Chinese people never considered snakes dangerous. Alternatively, they studied the nature of snakes. As a result, they found that snakes have so much knowledge and live mysteriously with style.

Last but not least, Chinese people believe that anyone born in the snake years of Chinese astrology lives a wealthy lifestyle. The examples of snake years in the 12th-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac sign are 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025, and 2037.

Nature Of Snakes

As we learned in previous articles on tattoo meanings, every animal tattoo has deep meanings similar to the natural traits of that animal. So, we should know the nature of snakes is directly connected to the snake tattoo meaning. Snakes are famous for smooth skin, twisting bodies, deceitful behavior, and covert and fascinating looks.

Snakes are a sign of danger for ages. However, the reality of snakes is different from what we know. In other words, people considered cobra tattoo meaning be dangerous based on their looks. No doubt snakes are poisonous, but not all of them. Also, snakes live silently and can only be seen on a hunt. Plus, snakes usually hunt in the evening. Most importantly, snakes can bite humans for self-preservation.

Meanwhile, a few types of snakes are very dangerous, and their single bite can kill anyone within minutes. For example, the king cobra, black mamba, and Viper are a few of the most dangerous snakes in the world.

Moreover, almost everyone knows that snakes change their skins. This fact shows the healing, growth, transformation, eternity, and new beginning of life.

What Does A Snake Tattoo Mean?

Snake tattoos represent so many negative and positive qualities. Also, snake on back tattoos are for both men and women. No matter what type of snack is in a tattoo and how big or small it is, the snake tattoo meaning remains the same. In short, these are the following meanings of snake tattoos:

  • Danger
  • Temptation
  • Wisdom
  • Grace
  • Wealth
  • Healing
  • Transformation
  • New Beginning
  • Eternity
  • Endurance

Snake Tattoos

1. Snake Wrapped Around Tattoo Designs

2. Colorful Snake Tattoo Designs

3. Snake Head Tattoo Designs

4. Snake Eye Tattoo Designs

5. King Cobra Snake Tattoo Designs

6. Viper Snake Tattoo Designs

7. Black Mamba Snake Tattoo Designs

8. Snakes Tattoo Designs

9. Evil Snake Tattoo Designs

10. Snake Eating Itself Tattoo Designs

11. Traditional Snake Tattoo Designs

12. Japanese Snake Tattoo Designs

13. Tribal Snake Tattoo Designs

14. Chinese Snake Tattoo Designs

15. Realistic Snake Tattoo Designs

16. Skeleton Snake Tattoo Designs

17. Snake & Dagger Tattoo Designs

18. Small Snake Tattoo Designs

We hope you find our article very useful as we worked for so long on finding the exact snake tattoo meaning. Most importantly, all these snake tattoos were a bonus for you. So, you can also get a perfect tattoo of a snake.

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