How To Protect & Wrap My Tattoo While Working (5 Tips)[2024]

You have to understand that only getting a tattoo from the best tattoo studio is not enough. Proper aftercare is the only way to get the best outcome for your new tattoo. In simple words, it helps us keep tattoos safe from infections and other skin issues. Also, there are many things to know before getting a tattoo, like wrapping my tattoo for work or covering a new one for work. Therefore, our tattoo artist team shared their experience and gave their honest opinions on how to protect & wrap my tattoo while working. So you don’t face any problems at work after getting a new tattoo.

We have been working for a few years in the tattooing field and know a lot about it. Most people get tattoos and start working without taking proper precautions. After facing irritation, redness, or even swelling on tattoos, they want to know how to protect & wrap my tattoo while working. Remember, a new tattoo goes through multiple stages while healing. Most importantly, your irresponsibility can damage your skin permanently. However, there is nothing to fear because you must follow simple guidelines. Moreover, you get to learn how to cover a new tattoo for work in a few minutes.

Let’s start our article:

Should I Wrap My Tattoo For Work?

Yes, covering a new tattoo for work is necessary. After getting an attractive tattoo, there is little work left to do. You have to take care of your tattooed skin for a few days. Also, the time of the tattoo healing process depends on the size of your tattoo. You must keep your tattoo safe from infection and other side effects until it heals completely. You can use antibacterial tattoo soap for protection.

Moreover, the answer can vary according to the working field. In other words, you don’t need to wrap your new tattoo in the office. Besides, I must cover my tattoo for work if I work in a factory, farm, or garage.

should i wrap tattoo

You can face multiple issues if you are not taking your tattoo health seriously. Some of them are the following:

  • Swelling: The newly tattooed skin is more sensitive than normal skin. Also, that skin has holes and contains ink. Washing with dirty water, rubbing with non-gentle stuff, or excess sweating can make the tattooed skin red and itchy. Moreover, your skin will swell and irritate.
  • Infection: Not covering your tattoo can easily infect your new tattooed skin. Therefore, we recommend taking off days in some professional fields. Remember, the infected tattoo can ruin your body art.
  • Tattoo Fading: The ink in a new tattoo can be removed by applying pressure. It will not remove all the tattoo ink but damage the tattoo design. Also, the excess sweat and sun rays can cause Fadness.

Moreover, the high temperature or UV rays can melt the ink and damage the tattoo. In Short, the tattoo color and design can face damage due to heat and sweating.

How To Cover A New Tattoo For Work? (2024)

Many people get their first tattoo but don’t know about tattoo protection. Especially at work, we almost forget about the new tattoo. I continuously wrap my tattoo for work. On the other hand, there are many ways to protect your newly tattooed skin, which are the following:

Best Ways To Protect My New Tattoo While Working

These are the best ways to protect the new tattoos:

  1. Wrap New Tattoo: Like everybody, you want to show off your new sexy tattoo to the world. But you must cover your new tattoo for a while, especially at work. Also, the covered tattoo will be safe from sunlight and germs attacks.
    Try to wear loose clothes for tattoo safety. It helps to prevent rubbing and gives oxygen to newly tattooed skin. Moreover, you don’t have to face irritation, and the healing process will not be disturbed. Later, you can show off your beautiful tattooed body forever.
  2. Use Saniderm Bandage: Saniderm is manufactured for tattoos. In other words, this is a breathable bandage. Also, it is transparent and flexible. Moreover, oxygen and water can pass through the saniderm.
    To properly use a saniderm bandage, first clean the new tattoo area. So there will be no bacteria or germs on the skin. Hence, covering a new tattoo for work with saniderm prevents the interaction of germs and newly tattooed skin.
  3. Keep Your Skin Hydrated: Using lotion is not compulsory for skin hydration. Simply, you carry a water carafe with you at work. Drink as much as you need. Also, it will keep your tattoo fresh and hydrated.
  4. Moisturize The Tattoo: The moisturizer or tattoo tanning lotion are must-have things for tattoo aftercare. It prevents inflammation and irritation. Therefore, the tattooed skin gets a smooth and shiny look.
  5. Use SPF: You should also use SPF after getting a tattoo. But make sure you use it after a minimum of two weeks. Keep your tattoo away from any direct sunlight.

using spf

How To Rewrap My New Tattoo?

After the tattoo session, tattoo artists wrap the newly tattooed skin for safe healing. But we need multiple rewraps on different occasions, like before sleep, before work, or attending any meetup.

We don’t suggest covering a new tattoo for work on your own. But you should learn the tattoo wrapping method. Therefore, you can take care of your new tattoo comfortably instead of thinking about how to cover a new tattoo for work. Also, I continuously wrap my tattoo for work by myself. The following steps will help you in wrapping a tattoo:

  • Don’t take off the initial wrap before 5-6 hours.
  • Remove the tattoo wrap with extra care. Also, you can use warm water if the wrap is stuck to the skin.
  • Wash the new tattoo with antibacterial soap.
  • Use a paper towel to dry the tattooed skin.
  • In case, your tattoo artist allows you to use healing ointment or tattoo numbing cream. You can use it, otherwise don’t.
  • Wrap the tattoo with a new plastic wrapper.
  • Repeat all the steps when rewrapping your tattoo until the tattoo heals.

how to rewrap

When Should I Rewrap My New Tattoo?

First, your tattoo artist should wrap your new skin after the tattoo session. After that, you’ll need to rewrap on different occasions, which are the following:

  1. Before sleep.
  2. Before going to work.
  3. In a filthy environment.
  4. When wearing tight clothes.
  5. Before getting a shower.
  6. While playing any sport.

What Should I Wrap My New Tattoo With?

You can use any non-sticky material which stops germs from entering the skin. Mostly, a clean plastic wrapper is used to cover new tattoos. Ensure your tattoo artist doesn’t have an issue with your tattoo wrapper.

What Should I Wrap My New Tattoo

How Long Should I Wrap My New Tattooed Skin?

It depends on the size of your tattoo and the tattoo wrap type. If your tattoo is more extensive, you must wear the tattoo wrap for a long time. Also, you can put on the regular tattoo wrapper for a bit longer than cling film.

Why Do Tattooists Wrap New Tattoos?

Many countries have a rule to cover your new tattoo with medical tape. Also, the newly tattooed skin is an open wound and needs protection from germs and bacteria. So, the tattoo remains safe from physical contact. In short, there are many reasons to wrap the newly tattooed skin. Therefore, tattoo artists cover fresh tattoos.

How Long Should The First Wrap Be On?

Many websites on the internet have different answers to this question. But the truth is, only your tattoo artist knows the answer. Also, the period of the initial wrap depends on the tattoo and skin type. Moreover, tattoo artist knows this better because of their experience.

When Should You Stop Wrapping My Tattoo?

You can stop wrapping your new tattooed skin after the tattoo heals completely. Also, the tattoo peeling procedure ends, and scabs fall off naturally when the skin holes heal.

Should I Rewrap My Tattoo On My Own?

We don’t recommend you cover a new tattoo for work alone. But you have to protect your tattoo on your own in some conditions. Also, you can’t go to the tattoo studio for every wrapping. Therefore, you have to learn about the tattoo wrapping procedure. That is why I always wrap my new tattoo for work. In short, you should rewrap your tattoo on your own.

How To Remove A Tattoo Wrap?

Make sure the tattoo wrap is not sticking to the tattooed skin. Find the edge of the wrap and gently remove it downward. If you are facing difficulty in removing the tattoo wrap or bandage. Then, you should use warm water for painless removal of the tattoo wrap. Also, remove the tattoo wrap with clean hands.

How To Remove A Tattoo Wrap

What Does Wrapping Your Tattoo Do?

The bandage or tattoo wrap stops the germs and bacteria from entering the skin. Germs can infect the newly tattooed skin easily. Therefore, wrapping your tattoo will keep your tattoo safe from all kinds of infections.

Can I Go Swimming With A New Tattoo?

The newly tattooed skin has holes and contains ink, and the dirty water can damage it with bacteria and germs interaction. In other words, you must stay away from swimming pools until the tattoos heal.


We can forget about having a new tattoo while working. Focus on work is a good thing but forgetting about the new tattoo is not. The excess sweating, heat or dirt, and direct UV rays can damage the tattoo if not covered while working.

The tattoo healing process takes time. But after that, you can enjoy the tattooed body forever with pride. We have covered all the details and questions on how to cover a new tattoo for work to help you.

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Take Care!

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