Tattoo Email Template (How To Email Tattoo Artist?) [2024]

Booking your first tattoo session can be tough if you have no idea about the tattoo email template. During emailing a tattoo artist, many doubts come to mind, like “Am I giving the right detail?” or “Will they reply to my email?”.

I know that feeling very well because it also happened to me. Also, I wondered for a couple of days about how to email tattoo artists correctly. Therefore, I spent much time writing the perfect tattoo email template for a tattoo artist. Now, I know all the things to write in a message for booking a tattoo session appointment or doing the tattoo inquiry only.

How To Email Tattoo Artist? – Tattoo Inquiry Via Message

Before emailing a tattoo artist, ensure you send it to the right place. In simple words, tattoo artists have multiple ways to reach out but only use one specific platform to book appointments. You should first check out their email, WhatsApp, or Instagram dm, which they are using for business queries. However, 90% of professional tattooists use email instead of direct messages to book a tattoo session.

There are a few points to mention in your email, which are the following:

1. Tattoo Design

You have to be straightforward about your tattoo design and explain your tattoo design in simple words. So, your tattooist makes the exact tattoo design you want. Also, tattoo artists know what tattoo design looks perfect on your skin area. Therefore, be happy with their final tattoo sketch.

Moreover, every tattoo artist does tattooing in specific styles. Make sure your tattoo artist does tattooing in the required style you want. Further, only talk about tattoo design in tattoo inquiry messages when emailing a tattoo artist, not the story behind that tattoo design.

A Tattoo Design For Email Template

2. Tattoo Position On Your Body

Be definitive when discussing the body part or skin area on which you want a tattoo. If you want a tattoo on your leg, write the exact skin area, like the right side of the thigh or above the kneecap. However, you can mark the skin area for a tattoo in the attached picture of the tattoo email, like I did.

Also, the tattooist can see the other tattoos around the skin area in the attached photo if you have any. Moreover, you can tell your tattoo artist to cover up an old tattoo with a new tattoo.

3. Size Of Tattoo

Measure the skin area on which you want the tattoo. I found the exact size of a tattoo is important for sketching the tattoo design. Also, the tattooist can estimate the time required for tattooing with the help of size. Moreover, the tattooist has to arrange the best tattoo numbing cream according to your tattoo size. On the other hand, you can give the size with an example of any standard-size thing. Therefore, you can use A4 or A5 paper or coins for example, in a tattoo inquiry message.

4. Attached Pictures Of Tattoos

The best way to explain your tattoo design in an email template is to use a picture as a reference. Similarly, the quote “A picture is worth a thousand words” proves this fact. Also, the picture helps to save you from misunderstanding the tattoo design.

Moreover, you can also show the skin area for the tattoo as I did for my arm tattoo. But ask somebody to take your picture of your skin area for a better angle. On the other side, use the tattoo picture for only a reference. Don’t tell a tattoo artist to copy anyone’s tattoo design. Because tattoo artists love creativity and hate to steal someone’s tattoo art.

5. Date Of Tattoo Session

Everyone has job priorities and separate free time like us. It is very important to write down the spare time you have for the tattoo session. So, the tattoo artist gives you an appointment for a tattoo session according to your time.

In case you did not mention the available date or time in the email. Then, you can face the problem, and there are many chances you will get a tattoo on time.

Most importantly, if you want to get a tattoo from a famous tattoo artist and are waiting for a long time for their available slots. Then, try not to discuss a date or time and agree on their schedule as I did. It is honest advice from me.

Date Of Tattoo Session In Tattoo

6. Your Full Name

You may feel weird reading this highlight. But remember, writing the full name is important as your short name can mix up your appointment details with anyone else. In simple words, every professional tattoo artist gets thousands of emails daily for tattoo inquiries.

Similarly, other people can have the same first name as yours. Therefore, writing the full name keeps your email separate, and the tattoo artist is not confused with the same first name.

Example Of Tattoo Email Template

I have made an example of a tattoo email template for you. This template helps you to get an idea of your tattoo inquiry message. Also, you can cut this template and turn it in your style according to your situation. Remember, the tattoo email template should be to the point and short.

Subject: Tattoo Inquiry – Tribute Angel Wings

Hi (Artist’s Full Name),

Can you please inform me about your upcoming appointments? Evening time will be the best time as I work in the Morning. But I can manage if you don’t find that time suitable.

I want a Tribute Angel Wings Tattoo on the back of my neck. Also, I like that tattoo in the dark black color. Moreover, there is no other tattoo on that skin area. Further, I have attached one picture of the back of the neck and another for a reference tattoo.

On the other hand, I want that tattoo 5 inches tall and 3 inches wide. Let me know if you want more details or want me to come to your studio for a little discussion on tattoo design.

(Your Full Name)

Note: Be patient after emailing a tattoo artist or sending your tattoo email template. As we know, tattooists are super busy. Therefore, they reply to all the emails on a specific day of the week. Also, wait two weeks at least for the reply. Then, you can send a second email again if the tattooist does not reply.


Can You DM A Tattoo Artist?

Most tattoo artists show their tattoo work on Instagram profiles for advertising. But dm a tattoo artist is not the right way to contact him. However, 99% of professional tattoo artists add a contact link in their bios.

How Do You Ask For A Tattoo Artist’s Price?

Never ask for the price of any tattoo artist in your first talk. Remember, every tattoo design requires different times and costs differently. Most importantly, if the tattoo artist booked your tattoo session and wants to discuss tattoo design. Then, you can ask for the price of your required tattoo.

What Should You Not Say To A Tattoo Artist?

Do not ask for a price in the first contact. Also, never tell your tattooist to copy a tattoo design. Moreover, do not ask to bring many people or pets to the tattoo studio.

Do Tattoo Artists Hate Copying?

Every tattoo artist has a unique signature and style of tattooing. The tattoo artists want to show their creativity and hate copying someone else tattoo design. Also, there can be copyright issues.

What Is Tattoo Etiquette?

Tattooing needs focus, and so does your tattoo artist. You can watch a movie or read a book to stay calm while getting a tattoo. Also, do not stare at the tattoo and believe in your tattoo artist.

What Do Tattoo Artists Hate?

Tattoo Artists love their passion and do every tattoo with affection. Therefore, they don’t like distractions while tattooing. Also, they hate when people don’t take care of their tattoos and ruined the design due to improper aftercare.

Is It OK To Copy Someone Else’s Tattoo?

It is not OK to copy someone’s tattoo design without permission. The original person can file a case against you based on copyright.

If you like our article, share it with your friends and family to tell them how to email tattoo artists. I did my best to cover all the details on the tattoo email template to make your appointment easy. Also, you can ask further questions in the comment sections below.
Thank You!

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