What Not To Do Before Getting A Tattoo? (5 Things To Avoid)[2024]

The most important thing about getting a tattoo is to prepare for the tattooing session. We all know that tattoo is permanent body art. But we always forget that our small mistakes can ruin the tattooing procedure. Therefore, you should know what not to do before getting a tattoo if you are planning to get a beautiful tattoo.

A professional tattoo artist always gives you some instructions or guidelines to follow before performing the tattooing session. So, you don’t do anything wrong and become ready to get a new tattoo. In case your tattoo artist didn’t tell you how to prepare for a tattoo or what not to do before getting a tattoo. Our tattooist team has shared a complete list of things not to do before getting a tattoo.

Let’s start.

Things Not To Do Before Getting A Tattoo – Complete List

Suppose you want to get an attractive tattoo without any pain or discomfort. Use the best tattoo numbing cream of 2024 and avoid the following things before getting a tattoo:

1. Blood Thinning Products Like Alcohol, Caffeine & Tablets

Remember, tattoo artists do not start tattooing sessions if the client is drunk. Drinking alcohol is dangerous for a client as it can cause multiple side effects in tattooing sessions. Also, the tattooing license of tattoo artists can get canceled if he is caught tattooing a drunk client.

If you have drunk alcohol and start getting a tattoo, then you will get the following side effects:

  • You can face a lot of excessive bleeding as alcohol and caffeine thin the blood and raise sugar levels, which is terrible for your health. Plus, it slows the tattooing procedure as the tattoo artist cannot see your skin properly. Drinking alcohol can dilute the tattoo ink. As a result, the tattoo design will be less visible and defective. We advise you to avoid alcohol, caffeine, and tablets for at least 48 hours before getting a tattoo.
  • Sometimes, there needs to be some changes in the tattooing session. For example, change in tattoo placement or change in tattoo size. In case you are drunk. Then, you will not be able to make the right decision, which can make you regret it later.
  • As we told you, a drunk person does not have control over his senses. Therefore, you don’t know how intoxicated people react to different situations. A senseless move by that drunk client can cause much trouble in making a tattoo. Maybe the tattoo machine’s needle entered too much into the skin and dispersed all the ink.

Blood Thinning Products Like Alcohol Caffeine Tablets

2. Skin Burning From Heat Or Sunlight

Avoiding direct sunlight or heat is important before and even after getting a tattoo. Yes, the tattooed skin needs proper tattoo aftercare. But you should also avoid sunlight or heat. So, the skin does not burn or get damaged.

In short, no tattoo artist can make an attractive tattoo on damaged skin. Maybe you get a tattoo infection because of getting a tattoo on unhealthy skin. Also, it can slow down the tattoo healing procedure.

Skin Burning From Heat Or Sunlight

3. Injury Or Blade Cut Before Getting A Tattoo

No doubt, everyone knows that getting injured or getting a cut is bad before getting a tattoo. In fact, you cannot get a tattoo on the skin area you got a minor or a big blade cut. Some people don’t know how to shave before getting a tattoo. As a result, they get cut on the skin.

Injury Or Blade Cut Before Getting A Tattoo

4. Eating Too Much Sugar And Dairy Items On Day Of Tattoo Session

If you consume sugar-rich and dairy items, your skin will stretch. Getting a tattoo on stretched skin will look different when the skin becomes normal. Also, eating sugar products delays the healing process. Instead of sugar and dairy, eat vitamin C and protein-rich food. Eating enough water before going to get a tattoo.

Eating Too Much Sugar And Dairy Items On Day Of Tattoo Session

5. Night Party Or Getting Not Enough Sleep

Do not party all night or stay awake all night before the day of the tattoo session. If you don’t sleep enough, your immune system will work properly, and you will feel more pain in getting a tattoo. Make sure you sleep well and awake refreshed in the morning. Moreover, wear only loose clothes when going to get a tattoo.

Night Party Or Getting Not Enough Sleep

Hopefully, you are now fully aware of what not to do before getting a tattoo. So, you go to the tattoo studio ready instead of making any senseless mistakes and regret that later. Our tattooist team has shared this article to help you.

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Stay Blessed!

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