Can You Get A Tattoo While Pregnant? (And Existing Tattoos)

Every pregnant female wants to maintain a proper diet and follow a comfy daily routine. So, her child can be born in a very healthy condition. Similarly, a tattooed woman wants the same. Besides being a tattoo lover, being a mother needs extra care. That is why you are looking for the answer of CAN YOU GET A TATTOO WHILE PREGNANT?

Most importantly, are you thinking about getting a tattoo during pregnancy or only want confirmation that your existing tattoos are safe for pregnancy? Whatever the case is, there is no need to worry as our tattooist team is here to guide you in every tattoo-related situation.

 Is It Safe To Get Tattoos While Pregnant? 

There are always chances of acquiring an infection when getting a tattoo in pregnancy. No doubt, the chances are low, but it is a wise decision to get your tattoo after delivering your child.

There is no proven study that says the tattooing procedure affects pregnancy. But stained tattoo machine needles and chemicals can transfer a disease or virus to your child. If that happens, that child definitely will not live a healthy life.

Chances of disease transfer from mother to child are pretty high. Also, some color tattoo inks contain toxic metals like arsenic, mercury, and lead. In simple words, these ingredients can damage the organs of a child or even can cause a miscarriage. Using best numbing creams for tattoos for painless tattooing procedures are safe but not color tattoo inks.

In short, tattoo machine needles and other chemicals used on the skin can infect your blood with hepatitis or other similar diseases. Therefore, we advise you to avoid the tattooing process in pregnancy, especially during the first three months of pregnancy.

Delivering A Healthy Baby

Because that period is most sensitive for child development. Moreover, most doctors don’t give epidural anesthesia to pregnant women with tattoos on their backs. You can contact your doctor about can you get a tattoo while pregnant or check the hospital’s guidelines on pregnancy and tattoos.

Luckily, there is no disadvantage of existing tattoos on your body in pregnancy. No matter your existing tattoos are small or bigger, your child will be completely safe. As we experienced, every girl should not get new tattoos until she breastfeeds her newborn baby.

Meanwhile, there is little chance that any tattoo on the belly will not look the same as before after pregnancy. The reason is common changes in a female body during pregnancy. For example, skin becomes temporarily darkened and sensitive.

Safety Tips

Follow the given safety tips during getting tattoos when you are pregnant.

  • Only go to a registered tattoo shop to fix your appointment with a professional tattoo artist.
  • The tattooist should use tattooing tools after sterilizing them.
  • Start getting your tattoo in a clean and hygienic environment.
  • Also, wear a mask on your face and tell the tattoo artist to put new gloves on his hand.
  • Most importantly, the needles of tattoo machines should be new and disposable.
  • If you got your tattoo from a regular tattoo shop, don’t forget to test your blood for Syphilis, HIV & Hepatitis.

Clean And Hygienic Tattooing Session

Henna Tattoos And Pregnancy

People of the Middle East and other Islamic countries have been using henna for thousands of years. Also, they use henna on their bellies during pregnancy to have great luck in delivering a healthy baby.

As we know, henna is used for temporary tattoo designing at some festivals. You can create different designs every time you use henna. So, you will never get bored of any tattoo design as henna does not last long. Meanwhile, henna does not infect your skin as it is made of natural ingredients.

Henna Tattoos And Pregnancy

Henna mehndi comes in a few colors like brown, red, brick, chocolate color, etc. Remember, henna does not come in black color naturally. If your henna tattoo artist uses black henna, then that henna is made of chemicals. In short, you can get henna tattoos whenever you want if your tattoo artist use naturally made henna.


Now, can you get a tattoo while pregnant? Yes, you can only if you and your tattoo artist follow some tips for a clean and hygienic tattooing session. However, we advise you to get tattoos after your newborn child stops breastfeeding.

If you want to have a tattoo so badly, use henna for temporary tattoos on your body. Because your child’s safety and health are the important things for you. Also, your existing tattoos are safe for pregnancy. So, be patient and enjoy this blessed time of your life.

Tattooed Girl Breastfeeding Baby

Hopefully, we guided you in this important matter of tattoos and pregnancy. You can share it with your tattooed female friends to spread this helpful information. Further, you can ask us any questions about tattoos.
Stay Blessed and Best Of Luck for your upcoming future!

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