Butterfly Tattoo Meaning (97 Traditional Butterfly Tattoos) [2023]

Not everybody knows about his power and strength to overcome any situation. Also, there is always a time in our lives when we have to upgrade ourselves to defend every condition. Butterflies are the perfect live example of this fact. The colorful wings of a butterfly can easily grab everyone’s attention at first sight. Whether it is butterflies or butterfly tattoos or butterfly tattoo meaning, all of these attract us very well.

We received so many requests from our viewers and readers what does a butterfly tattoo symbolize? So, our tattooist team searched for a long time for butterfly tattoos all over the world. Moreover, the meaning behind butterfly tattoos is just one simple thing. In other words, butterfly tattoos have so many amazing meanings according to their colors. Further, we shared the 97 best butterfly tattoo design ideas for our tattoo lovers.

What Does A Butterfly Tattoo Symbolize?

We have shared a few detailed points to help in understanding the butterfly tattoo meaning completely.

Significance Of Butterfly Tattoo

You may come across many men with different mindsets. But you may never hear of anyone that says butterflies are not beautiful. Also, most people think that butterfly tattoos are only for ladies. That is wrong. Butterfly tattoos equally affect men’s personalities.

Besides beauty, one other special thing about butterflies is that they show the transformation. In other words, the caterpillar transforms into a full-grown butterfly. Some of you may think, why is that beautiful and important. The answer is the transition stage of the caterpillar in pupa (shell of silk).

Remember, the transformation can take a few weeks to a year. Before transforming into a butterfly (adult form), the caterpillar lives silently like undercover. But after completion of the transition stage and becoming a butterfly, it flies in the air. The insect that lived on the ground can now fly in the air is nothing less than a beautiful miracle of nature. Fortunately, everybody can get tattoos without feeling pain with the use of numbing creams for tattoos.

traditional tattoo of butterfly on flowers

Butterfly Tattoo Symbolism In Different Cultures

As we know, every culture in the world has its different traditions, occasions, and religion. Similarly, they see everything differently from aspects and beliefs. For example, Chinese people believe that a butterfly is a sign of pleasure.

The structure of the butterfly represents the beauty of nature. No matter how old you are, you always want to hold and see butterflies from nearby. On the other hand, people of Aztec culture consider butterflies as the immortal souls of departed soldiers.

Also, the people of Scotland believe butterflies are the witches that changed their shapes. Moreover, some ancient tribes say that fluttering butterflies around childless duos bring the good news of pregnancy. In short, every culture sees butterflies as heavenly souls.


Meaning Behind Butterfly Tattoos

We found that butterfly tattoos have not only one but so many meanings. All butterflies tattoos represent the same meanings, except some tattoos of specific butterflies represent variable meanings. First, let’s have a look at the meaning behind butterfly tattoos before those few butterfly tattoos. In simple words, butterfly tattoos symbolize the following traits:

  • Grace
  • Freedom
  • Resurrection
  • Evolution
  • Hope
  • Confidence
  • Great success

Now, we should learn about other meanings of butterflies because of the colors of butterflies.

wide tattoo of butterfly

Purple Butterflies

Purple butterflies show sickness, especially hidden diseases. Some people weren’t able to know about their serious disease in the early stages. Also, people get purple butterfly tattoos to support others with the deadliest disease. You can consider purple butterfly tattoos as a sign of power to fight sickness.

Black Butterflies

Most tribal tattoos of butterflies have black color. Black color butterfly tattoos represent the death of a beloved. Also, some people get black butterfly tattoos to remember the loss.

White Butterflies

Like the pureness of white color, white butterfly tattoos represent pureness. Also, it gives reference to Jesus Christ.

Red Butterflies

Red butterfly tattoos have the most epic meanings. The reason is that red butterfly tattoos represent love, danger, and so much luck. In other words, the people with red butterfly tattoos can be very passionate with their partners and very deadly to enemies. Also, red butterfly tattoos give great luck in every battle or task.

Blue Butterflies

Blue butterflies are hard to find. The tattoos of blue butterflies represent great luck and success.

Yellow Butterflies

People from different tribes have faith that yellow butterflies represent the eternal peace and joy of the departed soul. In simple words, people get yellow butterfly tattoos to feel the comfort that their loved ones are in a peaceful place.

Pink Butterflies

Pink butterfly tattoos are very famous among girls as the pink color represents femininity. Also, these pink butterfly tattoos represent love, care, and youth.

Butterfly Tattoos

For your better experience in finding a perfect butterfly tattoo design, we categorized all butterfly tattoos. Also, you can choose any of the following tattoos. We shared the best of the best butterfly tattoos. So, you can make an excellent choice.

1. Traditional Butterfly Tattoo Designs

2. Tribal Butterfly Tattoo Designs

3. Chinese Butterfly Tattoo Designs

4. Colorful Butterfly Tattoo Designs

5. Blue Butterfly Tattoo Designs

6. Purple Butterfly Tattoo Designs

7. Red Butterfly Tattoo Designs

8. Black Butterfly Tattoo Designs

9. Yellow Butterfly Tattoo Designs

10. Half Butterfly Tattoo Designs

11. Pink Butterfly Tattoo Designs

12. Other Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Hopefully, you understood the butterfly tattoo meaning and maybe got a butterfly tattoo too for yourself. If you found our page helpful, share it with your tattoo-lover friends or family. Also, you can ask us further questions anytime in the comment section. We will guide you with our working experience and knowledge.
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