Can You Donate Blood With Tattoos? (Eligibility Guidelines)[2023]

American hospitals need 36000 units of red blood cells, 10000 units of plasma, and 7000 units of platelets daily. These numbers are just the average quantity of blood units. In simple words, the real quantity is more than this. Blood donation organizations are spreading awareness to save other lives by donating blood. The question is Can You Donate Blood with Tattoos? as almost everyone has a tattoo at present.

Right now, you may be thinking about blood donation and tattoos. There comes multiple questions in everybody’s mind in this situation. For example, “can you donate blood with tattoos?”, “Can a person with a tattoo donate blood?”, or “how long after a tattoo can you donate blood?”. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry as our tattooist team has answered all these questions in this article.

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Can A Person With a Tattoo Donate Blood?

A person can save three lives with one blood donation. You cannot predict how many emergencies and diseases requires blood for treatment. It can be a man who lost a lot of blood in an accident, a pregnant woman who needs blood to maintain his body condition for healthy baby delivery or even a child with anemia or cancer disease.

Donating one pint of blood takes 8 – 10 minutes. Every average person can donate again his blood after 56 days. Besides this, the body restores the liquid in the body that was lost because of blood donation.

Yes, a person can get a new tattoo painlessly with the best tattoo numbing gel and can donate blood. if you are that person, you must be at least eighteen years old and has the permission of your parents. Also, you can donate your blood if you got vaccinated at least 2 weeks ago.

The blood donation rules have been changed for military veterans who operated in Europe between 1980 and 1996. It means they can donate their blood. The Food and Drug Administration remove the ban and allowed it during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Can A Person With Tattoo Donate Blood

How Long After A Tattoo Can You Donate Blood?

According to the present blood donating rules, you can donate blood instantly right after getting a new tattoo. But there is one strict condition on it. If you got a new tattoo from a state-owned commodity and used sterilized equipment in tattooing. Then, you can donate blood with a tattoo.

On the other hand, if you got a new tattoo from any tattoo shop. Then, you can donate your blood after three months. This rule is the same for piercing and other similar procedures where ink, metal, or other chemical stuff inserts into your skin. In simple words, your immune system gets affected when your body is exposed to any chemical stuff. At the same time, bacteria or viruses can attack.

Donating your blood when your immune system is temporarily unstable, can cause serious blood diseases like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, or even HIV. Therefore, you should wait for blood donation after getting a new tattoo to minimize the risk.


In short, you have to wait at least three months after getting a new tattoo. Most people wait one year to be sure there is no risk of infection or disease left. Almost 145 million people in America have tattoos. So, don’t think Can You Donate Blood with Tattoos? In other words, wait at least three months and go for blood donation to save lives and earn more blessings.

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