Panther Tattoo Meaning (Traditional & Classic 100 Designs)

Panther tattoos are the only ones to have such a massive reputation and value in traditional animal tattoos. Not even a lion tattoo can stand against a panther tattoo. People have been getting panther tattoos since the former days for achieving their more superior goals. In simple words, panther tattoo meaning is extraordinary than many other traditional animal tattoos. No matter how much panther tattoos evolved, the meaning of panther tattoos is still the same.

Everybody can recognize panther tattoos because of the body pose and color scheme in tattoos. However, not everyone knows panther tattoo meaning, especially in this modern era. But there is no need to worry as we are with you. As a result, our team researched so well and shared the exact meaning of panther tattoos with the best hundred black panther tattoo designs.

 Black Panther Tattoo Meaning And Crawling Panther Head Tattoos 

Before reading the meaning of panther tattoos, you have to read these few points. So, you can understand better why panther tattoos have that interesting meaning.

Popularity Of Panther Tattoos

Panther tattoos instantly got more famous in 1940. After the end of the first world war, people tended to have tattoos. Therefore, panther tattoos were the only most famous traditional tattoos during 1950-1960.

Besides the panther tattoo’s meaning, the other reason for the panther tattoo’s popularity was its blackish color. People also used panther tattoos to hide their old tattoos. Even you can get rid of old tattoos with panther tattoos and without laser tattoo removal.

There are thousands of panther tattoo designs available all over the world. The selection of tattoo only depends on you, whether you like a full panther tattoo or just the head of a panther. We found that most people love the staring panther tattoo and angry panther tattoo.

Also, your tattoo artist can make adjustments to the tattoo if you say. As a result, you can add bushes or flowers to give a jungle look. Luckily, you can select a perfect tattoo design as we have multiple panther tattoo ideas for you. Moreover, we recommend using numbing creams for tattoos before the tattoo session. So, you can get your favorite tattoo design without feeling any pain.

Panthers In Mythology

According to legends, people used to think that panthers were just big cats. That is why they named “panthers” these animals. The panther word is derived from the Latin word “Panthera” which means cat.

Also, the Black Panther word has no origin. Despite panthers not being cats, panthers and black panthers are both names used for them. However, these names don’t decrease the impact of this animal.

Moreover, some people used to worship the black panther as a god in Dionysius mythology. The ancient people believe the riding black panther represents spiritual joy and mundane passion. In other words, the black panther awakens the inner ambitions of humans. It can be love, or it can be courage.

Further, some tribes in America use panther tattoos as a mystical sign. On the other hand, few cultures symbolize panthers as insincere animals, which is absolutely wrong.

Black Panther As SuperHero In Marvel Comics

The first comic book on Black Panther SuperHero was published in 1966. In this marvel comic book, T’Challa was a prince of Wakanda that later became the Black Panther hero. Also, he has all the advanced fighting skills of the panthers. Moreover, he was a true protector and sincere leader that fought against evil.

Late Chadwick Boseman played the lead role of Black Panther hero in 2018’s Black Panther movie. That movie became a massive hit and made fans all over the world, including us. Since then, black panther hero tattoos became extremely famous, especially in Africa.

Unfortunately, Chadwick Bosman died on August 28, 2020, in Los Angeles. His die-hard fans gave tribute to him by getting black panther hero tattoos on their bodies. The black panther tattoos also show the will to stand against wrong and serve justice.

Tattoo Meaning

Almost every tattoo of an animal has the same meaning and characteristics which that animal has. In other words, you can understand the potential of a panther tattoo by noticing the nature of the panther. For example, panthers are brutal and ruthless carnivores.

Also, panthers can jump up to 20ft and can swim. One of the most attractive things about panthers is their silky black skin and silent walking style. Both qualities help panthers to hide and hunt in any environment. Moreover, the panthers have so many intriguing qualities that we cannot know easily. In short, panther tattoos symbolize bravery, liberty, custodian, strength, beauty, and passion.

Panther Tattoo Designs

walking panther tattoo truly traditional wakanda forever tattoo unique panther tattoo villainous look tattoo of panther wounded but standing two designs wild look panther tattoo tribal tattoo trying to warntattoo full of colors sleeping lady on panther tattoo statue of wisdom symbol of tribe super fast attackamazing black panther tattoo traditional spiritual tattoo of panther snack vs panther tattoo simple tattoo of panther special symbolsensual lady on animal pink panther thinking tattoo roar of panther tattoo realistic tattoo of panther red head girl with panther tattoo scratching powerful pink panther trying to scare riding without clothes red flower in mouthpanther with heart signs panther tattoo for knee pink panther standing panther tattoo pink apnther with rainbow colors panther tattoo on lady backangry face panther tattoo pink panther tattoo like clothe sticker panther tear aparting skin tattoo pink panther silently walkingpanther tattoo for females panther face panther symbol tattoo panther on crosswood tattoo panther sketch panther covering naked girl tattoo panther in bushes panther in flowers tattoos panther sketch tattooartistic tattoo of black panther panther face tattoopanther body wounded with daggers miniature cartoon tattoo of black panther outlining tattoo of panther faceancient lovely pink panther panther climbing tattoo lion vs panther tattoo marvel black panther tattoo panther and lady tattoo panther and crystal tattooanimated tattoo of black panther panther and black panther tattoolining tattoo of panther large size panther tattoo flowers and animal latest design for panther tattoo lady face in panther mouth tattoo hero mask female panther incredible panther tattoo just staring full back tattoo of pantherdesigning tattoo decent tattoo for panther lovers colorful tattoo of animal dagger in panther head tattoo blue paint on panther tattoo combination tattoo of panther and girl colorful tattoo of panther climbing cool and modern tattoo of panther dagger into headblack and gold tattoo of black panther bloody black panther tattoo on shoulder black panther becoming pink panther black panther tattoo beautiful panther tattoo balck tattoo of panther with flowers black panther hero tattoo black and white panther tattoo black panther tattoo by side

Now, you know the panther tattoo meaning. Also, you can ask us further if you have any questions. Share this article with your friends and family to recommend any panther tattoo design.
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