How Much Does A Tattoo Cost? (Tattoo Prices Charts) [2024]

Before we discuss the average cost of a tattoo, we want to give you all one big piece of advice. Nobody can get a perfect design and quality tattoo at a low price and quickly. So, after knowing how much does a tattoo cost, don’t compromise on spending money and enough time on getting this permanent body art.

Also, some people don’t understand the importance of the tattooing procedure. Those people want to get their favorite tattoos as soon as possible without giving enough time to tattoo artists. As a result, the tattoos get ruined, and later spend more money to remove those tattoos. If you are here to know how much does a tattoo cost, We have shared everything in this article you need to know.

How To Final Tattoo Prices? (Tattoo Pricing Factors)

Researching tattoo prices is necessary as it will help you get them at reasonable prices. Therefore, we’ve shared these important factors that affect tattoo costs. The following points will help you finalize a tattoo fair price with your tattoo artist.

1. Skin Area For Tattoo

It is a simple yet important thing that getting a tattoo on a sensitive skin area costs a lot and requires a professional tattoo artist as there are dense nerves in the sensitive skin areas. Also, tattooing sensitive skin like nipples, shinbones, or fingertips takes more time.

Luckily, people of the modern age have a gift named the best tattoo numbing cream. Every tattoo lover gets multiple tattoos without pain by using these tattoo numbing creams or tattoo numbing sprays.

Skin Area For Tattoo

Skin Area Of Tattoo Average Price
Full Sleeve $2000 to $4000
Half Sleeve $1000 to $2000
Forearms $200 to $1200
Bicep/Tricep $350 to $500
Wrist $50 to $150
Hand $100 to $200
Finger $100 to $200
Finger Ring $50 to $200
Shoulder $700 to $900
Complete Back $1000 to $5000
Rib (One Side) $600 to $700
Hip $500 to $1800
Leg $500 to $1800
Thigh $300 to $3200
Calf $350 to $700
Ankle $60 to $200
Foot $150 to $400
Chest0 $250 to $1200
Areola $200 to $800
Sternum $500 to $1000
Eyeliner $1500 to $3000
Eyebrow $400 to $650
Inner Lip $100 to $600

2. Size And Detailing Of Tattoo

All of us have known this fact as common sense. The tattoo price will be low if the size is small, as it doesn’t have multiple shades or detailing. Similarly, the bigger the tattoo size is, the cost gets higher. You have many detailing options in a big-size tattoo, like a full-back or chest tattoo.

Size And Detailing

Tattoo Size Average Price
Tiny Tattoo (Max 2 Inch) $30 to $100
Small Tattoo (2-4 Inch) $50 to $250
Medium Tattoo (4-6 Inch) $150 to $450
Large Tattoo (6 Inch+) $500 to $4000

3. Colors Used In Tattooing

Fortunately, using multiple colors in tattooing costs a little bit more than regular black ink tattoos. The reason is the prices of different color tattoo inks are the same. However, the difference in cost is because of using multiple tattooing machines for multiple colors.

Colors Used In Tattooing

4. Tattooing Technique

Professional tattoo artists have a big collection of tools used in tattooing procedures. But the most important thing is tools or machines and tattooing techniques.

Moreover, every different tattoo design requires other tattooing techniques. Some people like geometrically shaped tattoos, and some want realistic picture tattoos. In short, proper knowledge and professional skills are keys to making great-looking tattoos.

Tattooing Technique

That is why most people only attend professional tattoo artists for tattoo sessions. Further, we can find a few beginner tattooists with great tattooing techniques. Such tattoo artists prove themselves talented within a few years of tattooing.

In case you plan to get a tattoo from a beginner artist because of the low budget. Make sure you check out their previous tattooing work.

5. Working Experience And One Hour Tattooing Price Of Tattoo Artist

On average, a tattoo artist can charge $120 to $180 an hour. Also, some tattoo shops take advance payment on booking a tattoo session. So, only go to a tattoo shop when you have at least $100 to $200.

Working Experience And One Hour Tattooing Price Of Tattoo Artist

Tattoo Artist Experience Average Price
Beginner 1 to 3 Years $80 to $120 per 1 hr
Established 5 to 10 Years $120 to $180 per 1 hr
Experienced 10 Years+ $150 to $250 per 1 hr
Famous $200 to $500 per 1 hr

6. Cover Up An Old Tattoo

The idea of a cover-up tattoo is helpful for some people. In simple words, some people want to get rid of a tattoo but want a new one on the same skin area. Then, they can get a new tattoo on the previous tattoo.

Keep in mind that a cover-up tattoo needs a great tattoo designer. Getting a cover-up tattoo costs more than a simple tattoo design. The first reason is to make an attractive tattoo design to hide a previous tattoo design. The second reason is the quantity of ink and colors used in filling.

Cover Up An Old Tattoo

Meanwhile, there are two big advantages of getting a cover-up tattoo. First, you can get rid of an old tattoo design without tattoo removal. Second, you get a new tattoo without a tattooed new skin area.

7. Tattoo Touch Up

According to our survey, most tattoo artists offer touch-up tattoos for free or at a low price, if they made those tattoos originally. In another case, anyone who goes to another professional tattoo artist gets a touch-up tattoo at an equal price to a regular tattoo session.

Tattoo Touch Up

8. Tattoo Price Per Letter

Most tattoo artists don’t have tattooing fees based on letters or words in tattoos. However, only a few professional tattooists charge fees based on letters and skin area. If you want a name or words in a tattoo, give samples of font style and size to a tattooist to know the cost of that word tattoo.

Tattoo Price Per Letter

For example, we found tattoo artists charge $50 to $250 for a 2-4 inches single word tattoo. Also, you can mention the body part where you want that wording tattooed.

Tattoo Price Chart

The following prices will be an idol if the artist makes a new tattoo design for you and tattoos on your skin using multiple types of equipment and colors.

Tattoo Design Average Price
Name Tattoo Cost $75 to $100
Short Paragraph Tattoo Cost $100 to $300
Picture Tattoo Cost $200 per 1 Hr
Tribal Design Tattoo Cost $50 to $300
3D Design Tattoo Cost $200 per 1 Hr
Colorful Tattoo Cost $400+
Symbols Tattoo Cost $50 to $200
Hair Tattoo Cost $1500 to $4000
Flowers Tattoo Cost $100 to $500
Animal Tattoo Cost $150 to $400
Heart Tattoo Cost $50 to $100
Bird Tattoo Cost $75 to $250
Dreamcatcher Tattoo Cost $200 to $250

We shared these prices after researching and exploring multiple tattoo shops around the globe. Definitely, all of our knowledge will give you a great sense of idea about the estimated cost of your tattoo. Remember, to get accurate tattoo prices, go to a tattoo studio or book an appointment with a tattoo artist via email.

Average Cost Of Tattoo $150 to $450
Minimum Cost Of Tattoo $30 to $80
Maximum Cost Of Tattoo $4000 to $8000

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Tattoo Prices

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Stay Blessed, and Best Of Luck with your New Tattoo!

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